纯正英音 | 英国最美新闻主播朱莉·爱琴汉姆的演讲

纯正英音 | 英国最美新闻主播朱莉·爱琴汉姆的演讲

学习英语,领悟翻译,沟通世界!纯正英音 | 英国最美新闻主播朱莉·爱琴汉姆的演讲

纯正英音 | 英国最美新闻主播朱莉·爱琴汉姆的演讲

And as you get older, your roots become more important to you I think.


One of the great honors of this job is simply to listen to people's stories and then dignify them by telling those stories fairly and well.



朱莉·艾特奇厄姆(Julie Etchingham)号称英国最美女主播,在20多年的主持生涯中,朱莉报道或主持了许多著名的大事件。朱莉美丽的容貌、过人的智慧和恰当的主持风格,让她深受英国人的喜爱。

纯正英音 | 英国最美新闻主播朱莉·爱琴汉姆的演讲


2017年,朱莉给英国首相特蕾莎·梅(Theresa May)做了一次访谈,问梅姨小时候做过最调皮的事情是什么....结果大家都被这位女主播实力圈粉了。朱莉不仅颜值超高,声音好听,还能讲一口最标准最时髦的英音。







莱斯特大学教授Stewart Petersen对Julie的开场介绍


纯正英音 | 英国最美新闻主播朱莉·爱琴汉姆的演讲
Julie Etchingham joins many of us in our living rooms at 10 o’clock each evening.  As co-presenter of ITV ‘News at Ten’, she keeps us informed about what is going on around the world in a relaxed and accessible style perfected by years of hard work over her varied career in television.


Julie was born in Leicester.  Her parents were both teachers and provided a stimulating home environment well suited to Julie’s powerful developing intellect.  They always made sure she had lots of books and she became fascinated with reading from a very tender age.  She recalls so well a case of mighty tomes at the head of the stairs, which first taunted her as she developed her reading skills, and then rewarded her as she was finally able to get to grips with their glorious mysteries.  She attended the English Martyr’s school in the City where her interest in literature was nurtured further by a charismatic English teacher, so she has always known that words would be her life.  An ardent diarist, Julie also became interested in the comings and goings of the world from a tender age.  Addicted to ‘Newsround’ on the TV she collected endless scrapbooks of newspaper cuttings, and began to dream of the day that she would present the news to the world.  At the age of 15 her mother gave her the ‘yellow pages’, and suggested she sort out some experience in journalism.  Entirely under her own steam, Julie talked her way into work experience at Radio Leicester.  Just running errands and making the tea helped her understand how the environment worked, and has proved invaluable as her career has progressed.


Inevitably, it seems Julie gained a place to read English at Newnham College Cambridge.  Anxious to develop her self reliance however, she deferred a year and went off on her own to work as a teacher in Germany.  She returned, confident, to enjoy her studies guided by exceptional tutors, some very famous, and to participate fully in University life.  Julie believes firmly that successful people have practical plans to run alongside their study, so made sure to write for the College magazine, and eventually presented a student radio programme on BBC Radio Cambridge.


When the time came to apply for the BBC news trainee programme, success was assured.  She started her career in the West Midlands, soon becoming a reporter on ‘Midlands Today’ and cut her journalistic teeth through the hard slog of interviews on windy street corners and in noisy car factories.  She learned how to be disciplined and organised, and how to relate to and talk with people of all kinds, so she could catch and present a story in an engaging manner.


When she was just 24 she got her dream job as a presenter on ‘Newsround’- the very programme which had inspired her as a child.  She beat many others to get the prize, and for three years she developed new skills of communicating with young people whilst travelling the world engaging in all sorts of exotic activities.  It was here that she met her future husband Nick, a Leicester graduate and they are celebrating their fifteenth wedding anniversary this very day.  Her career at the BBC progressed as she presented the breakfast news, and the ‘Holiday programme’, before in 2002 she moved to Sky news where she presented a number of programmes including ‘Sky News Today’.


In 2007 Julie moved to her present role as co-presenter of ITV ‘News at Ten’ where she remains to this day.  Now firmly in the senior ranks of trusted presenters she has co-hosted coverage of many major events, including the Royal Wedding last year, and most recently the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  It takes a very special person, and a great deal of preparation, to look and sound so relaxed and convincing in the mayhem of a TV news studio, but Julie certainly has it.


Julie thrives on the adrenaline of the news room.  Ready to jump on a plane at a moment’s notice she travels the world to report on the most momentous events, from the inauguration of Barak Obama to the recent Japanese Earthquake.  She never knows where she might be next.


Her talents and achievement have been recognised by the award of ‘presenter of the year’ at the Royal Television Society Journalism awards in 2010.


Julie’s story is one of great ability matched by determination and single mindedness.  She has shown that if you know clearly what you want to do, and set about doing it systematically all is possible.  Now at the peak of her career, there is surely much more to come, and we all look forward with great anticipation to her scaling new heights of television greatness.


Mr Vice Chancellor, on the recommendation of Senate and Council I present to you Julie Anne Etchingham that you may confer upon her the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws.





纯正英音 | 英国最美新闻主播朱莉·爱琴汉姆的演讲


Goodness, I’ve got to live up to all that now. Thank you very much indeed, Vice chancellor, Professor Burgess, Professor Peterson. Ladies and gentlemen, fellows in the university and fellow graduates. Thank you very much indeed for making me so welcome today. It’s such a huge honour to be here among you all on such a special occasion for so many people and receive an Honorary Degree from such a great university. 

纯正英音 | 英国最美新闻主播朱莉·爱琴汉姆的演讲

When the envelope arrived from the Vice-Chancellor just a few months ago, it initially caused a little bit of consternation in our household, I have to admit. My husband Nick went slightly pale. He thought that it was from the sociology department chasing him for the 12 essays he’s owned them since 1985. Happy Anniversary, dear. So you can imagine my delight and his relief when we opened the envelope. 


纯正英音 | 英国最美新闻主播朱莉·爱琴汉姆的演讲


纯正英音 | 英国最美新闻主播朱莉·爱琴汉姆的演讲

Leicester University and this city is a place close to both of our hearts. Nick, as I mentioned, spent his formative years here as a student, specialising in the study of football hooliganism and rigging student elections while I was swatting for my O-levels and yes I’m of that generation down at English Martyrs School just a couple of miles away from here. 

纯正英音 | 英国最美新闻主播朱莉·爱琴汉姆的演讲 

Very recently, I was invited to the University by Professor Coles to come to speak to the history lab which was a lovely afternoon. And again, I got the most warm welcome here at the university. So this wonderful city where I was born and where I grew up, I still think of as home. And it’s quite simply where my roots are. 


纯正英音 | 英国最美新闻主播朱莉·爱琴汉姆的演讲


And as you get older, your roots become more important to you I think. I learned my trait as a journalist here in Leicester and the skills I developed here on its streets, such as they are...the skills, not the streets, are still ones that I use today. After few weeks of making the tea at Radio Leicester, they let me out with a tape recorder on to the streets to do little interviews for some of the presenters and reporters there. They are known as vox-pops. I’m sure as many of you will know. Just to get people’s views on the topics of the day. Invariably, I’d be greeted with:”Ay up me duck.” “You’re a bit young to be out here, aren’t you?” The people took the time to talk as they as they always do in Leicester and I absolutely loved it. 


纯正英音 | 英国最美新闻主播朱莉·爱琴汉姆的演讲


纯正英音 | 英国最美新闻主播朱莉·爱琴汉姆的演讲

One of the greatest honours of this job is simply to listen to people’s stories and then dignify them by telling telling those stories fairly and well. And one of the most important aspects of this job for those might be contemplating it. And people come to this job from all sorts of disciplines is not simply to give voice to the supposedly great and the good, but to give the voice to those who otherwise might not be heard. And I learned that lesson here in Leicester. 


I also learned my city comprehensive that whatever your background, if you’re canny and prepared to work with initiative you will get where you want to be, and I know many of you will be contemplating the jobs market and what might lie ahead in the coming months. Don’t take NO for an answer and always say YES to an opportunity, even if you think you can’t quite live up to it. It helps to me most days of my working life, and takes the knocks when they come, because they will and make something positive out of them. 


So as you all take your next steps in whatever careers might lie ahead for you, I wish you all the very best. It’s a great honour to be sharing this day with you. As a small example of how high you might aim. I’m going to quote you my son Leo who is here with his little brother James today. And it’s lovely to see them with my mom and dad.


I’m going to quote you Leo who at the age of 6 announced that he would like to be a judge. And I thought: Gosh! This is all looking rather good, isn’t it? What a grand ambition! And I gave myself a little pat on the back. And then he said:” on the Strictly Come Dancing.” So may I wish all the best of luck. 


Thank you Professor Peterson, for your kind words today. Thank you also Professor Gunter who’s looked after me and this great honour. It’s privilege to stand alongside you all and alongside especially the graduates here who I know like me whatever you go will always carry a little bit of this very special city in your hearts. Thank you very much. 


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