#few、a few、little、a little的区别#

few / a few用来修饰可数,few表示否定意义,没有,几乎没有;


He has few friends here, he feels lonely.

a few表示有肯定意思, 有几个。 例如:

There are a few eggs in the basket.篮子里有几个鸡蛋。

little / a little用来修饰不可数名词,little表示否定意思,没有,几乎没有。

a little 表示肯定意思,有一点儿。 例如:

There is little ink in my bottle, can you give me a

little ink?



1. My father has many

books, but he has_____ English books.

A. little B. a little C. few D.

a few Answer

2. The twins can speak only ___ French.

A. a few B.

few C. little D. a little Answer


1. few 与 little


(1) few 后面跟复数可数名词。 e.g. few books few


(2) little 后面跟单数不可数名词。 e.g. little water little food

e.g. He

has few friends. 他没有几个朋友。

They has little money. 他们没有什麽钱

2. a few 与 a

little 都表示肯定的意思,指“有一点,有一些”。具体区别:

(1) a few 后加可数名词复数

(2)a little


e.g. I’m going to buy a few bananas.

I can speak only a

little Chinese.

3. a little 与 little 也可以用作, 表示“有点”“稍稍” 表示“很少”


—-Can you speak English?

—-Yes, but only a little.

This book is a

little more difficult than that one.

( 可修饰形容词比较级)

She slept little last

night. 昨天晚上,她没有怎么睡觉。



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