一、 有"建议"的意思.advise, propose 也有此义,请比较它们用法的异同:

1) 都可接作宾语

She suggested / advised / proposed an early start. 她建议早一点出发.

We suggested / advised / proposed a visit to the museum the next day. 我们建议明天去参观博物馆.

2) 都可接动名词作宾语

I suggested / advised / proposed putting off the sports meet. 我建议将运动会延期.

They suggested / advised / proposed waiting until the proper time. 他们建议(我们)等到恰当的时机才行动.

3) 都可接that ,that从句用should+动词原形,should可以省略.

She suggested / advised / proposed that the class meeting (should) not be held on Saturday. 她建议班会不要在星期六举行.

We suggested / advised / proposed that he (should) go and make an apology to his teacher. 我们建议他去向老师道歉.

4) advise 可接动词不定式复合宾语,propose 可接不定式作宾语.

I advised him to give up the foolish idea. = I suggested / proposed his / him giving up the foolish idea. 我建议他放弃那愚蠢的念头.(suggest和propose在口语里可接动名词的复合宾语).

We proposed to start early. = We proposed starting early. 我们建议早一点出发.(接不定式不用suggest和advise)


二、 有"提出"的意思.如:

He suggested a different plan to his boss. 他向老板提出了一个不同的计划.

Xiao Wang suggested a way to solve the problem. 小王提出了一个解决这个问题的办法.


三、 有"暗示、表明"的意思.其主语往往是事物,而不是人.


The simple house suggested a modest income. 这座简朴的房子表明(房主的)收入并不高.

Her pale face suggested bad health. 她脸色苍白,看来身体不好.

The thought of summer suggests swimming. 一想到夏天就使人们联想到游泳.


The decision suggested that he might bring his family. 这个决定表明他可以把家属带来.

The expression on his face suggested that he was very angry. 他脸上的表情表明他很生气.


四、 在主语从句It is suggested that... 及名词suggestion 后面表示具体建议的表语从句、都应用should+动词原形,should可以省略.如:

It was suggested that we (should) give a performance at the party. 人们建议我们在晚会上表演节目.

His suggestion was that the debts (should) be paid off first. 他的建议是先把债务还清.

The doctors made a suggestion that the new hospital (should) not be set up on the hill. 医生们建议不要把新医院建在山上.

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