advise 劝告,忠告;当...的顾问;通知,告知;建议采取等意思,关于advise的用法也是各种各样:

1. advise sth / sb

Early booking is advised. 建议及早订票。

The doctor advised a complete rest. 医生让完全休息。

Experts were brought in to advise the Government. 请来了专家担当政府顾问。

I've tried to advise her but she won't listen. 我设法给她出主意,但是她不肯听。


2. advise sb to do

They advised him to wait. 他们劝他等待。

Shakespeare advises us not to borrow or lend. 莎士比亚劝我们既不要向人借钱也不要借钱给人。

Would you advise me to phone, or shall I wait a bit longer? 你看我打电话好,还是我再等一会儿好?


3. advise doing

I'd advise taking a different approach. 我建议换个方式。

I wouldn't advise taking the car—there's nowhere to park. 我看不要开车去——没有停车的地方。

She advised keeping the gate locked / advised us to keep it locked. 她忠告我们应当锁好门。

Would you advise phoning, or shall I wait a bit longer? 你看我打电话好,还是我再等一会儿好?


4. be advised to

You would be well advised to stay indoors. 你最好待在屋里。

Obese patients are advised to change their diet. 建议肥胖病人改变饮食。

You would be well advised to reconsider your decision. 你应该把你的决定再重新考虑一下才好。


5. advise sb's doing

I advised his starting at once. 我劝他马上动身。

He advised her applying at once. 他劝告她立即提出申请。

I advise his waiting a few more days. 我建议他再等几天。


6. advise + wh- + to do

I advised her where to stay. 我帮她出主意在哪里住。

He advised her where to stay. 他建议她在哪里住。

They will advise you what to do. 他们将给你出主意怎么办。

Can you advise me whether to register this letter? 你看,这封信需要挂号不?


7. advise whether…(陈述语气)

Please advise me whether I should accept the offer. 请帮我出主意我是否应接受这份工作。


8. advise sb about doing

Is a solicitor the best person to advise me about buying a house? 律师是我买房子的最好顾问吗?


9. advise that…(陈述语气)

We have advised her that we are coming. 我们已通知她我们即将到来。


10. advise that…()

She advised that we should keep the gate locked. 她忠告我们要把门锁好。

The doctor advised that he change his job. 医生劝他换工作。

We advised that they should start early / advised them to start early. 我们建议他们应该及早开始. /我们建议他们及早开始。

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