recommend ,意思是 “推荐,介绍;劝告,建议”.其结构有:

1) recommend sb. … (= recommend … to sb.) “向某人推荐/介绍?? “. 例如:

Can you recommend me a good dentist?你能给我推荐一个好的牙医吗? Perhaps you can recommend me another hotel. 或许你能给我再介绍一家旅馆.

2) recommend sb. for… “推荐某人做(某职位)”. 例如:

I’ll recommend him for the job. 我要推荐他做这项工作.

3) recommend sth. for… “推荐某物作某种用途”.例如:

I recommend these pills for your cough. 我向你推荐这种药治疗咳嗽.

4) recommend sb. as… “推荐某人为??”. 例如:

I’ll recommend him as her secretary. 我要推荐他当她的秘书.

5) recommend doing sth. “建议做某事”. 例如:

I recommend buying this dictionary. (= I recommend you t0 buy this dictionary.)我建议你买这本词典.

6) recommend + that-clause“建议??”(从句中用should + 动词原形,should可省去). 例如:

He recommended that we (should) read the novel. (= He recommended us to read the novel.)他建议我们读一读那部小说. 【点拨】 recommendation n.推荐;介绍信


The learned scholar recommended that he ______ until after he had learnt anatomy.

A. will not take up sculpture B. had not taken up sculpture

C. not take up sculpture D. not took up sculpture

【答案解析】C 本题考查对的特殊词的用法的掌握.recommend后跟虚拟语气,省略should,后面直接跟动词原形,从四个选项中便知答案为C.题意为:“学识丰富的学者建议他学了解剖,再学雕塑.”



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