#much more…than和many more…than的用法区别#

much more…than 后接或不可数,例:much more water, much more beautiful

many more…than 后接可数名词,例:many more people

no, not

no=not a/any

例:no friend=not a/any friend; no water=not any water

no more than, not more than

no more than 相当于only,仅仅,只有;

not more than 至多,不超过。

majority, most

majority 只能修饰可数名词,例:the majority of people

most 可数不可数均可。

by oneself, for oneself, to oneself, of oneself

by oneself 单独的,独自的;

for oneself 为自己;

to oneself 供自己用的;

of oneself 自行的,自动的,例:The door opened of itself.