NSE 32.3.1



mid-autumn festival

National Day


ask for 1 day's leave

strict and serious boss

As your boss, I understand the importance of taking time off for such a special occasion.

Well, as your boss, I must consider the impact of your absence on the team.

Just make sure to inform the team in advance and make arrangements to ensure your tasks are covered.

However, I'm also a fair boss, so if you have a valid reason, I'll definitely take it into account.

NSE 32.3.1

You are here later than usual.

You look taller than you did earlier.

I put on heels.

I'm busier than anyone in this place.

come in

I hope this is more interesting than the last time we spoke.

Are you going to ask me something?

Would it be alright if I didn't work this Saturday?

You know the rules about asking for that.

I'll be happy to let you not work on Sunday and Monday.

This is more important than the last time I asked not to work.

It's personal.

Who's going to do the prep cooking for Renzo?

I'd like a break before the big night of the restaurant.

I want the event to be great.

I want it to be bigger than the last event.

You did come to work on time last week.

Does it mean you are saying yes?

I suppose I can say yes this one time.

I'm not going to pay you for Saturday.

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