摘要:have the benefit of 得益于,占……的光。

1. benefit by 受益于。如:

People who stole did not benefit from [by]ill-gotten gains. 窃贼们并未从不义之财中得到好处。

Will the ADS patients benefit from [by] the new drug? 这种药对艾滋病人有效吗?

2. benefit sb 对某人或某物有益,使某人或某物受益。如:

Sea air will benefit you. 海风将对你有益。

What he said benefited all the students. 他说的话使所有的学生受了益。

3. be of benefit 有益处。如:

This dictionary is of great benefitto students. 这本词典对学生很有益处。

That experience was of great benefit to me. 那次经历对我很有益。

4. for the benefit of 为了……的利益或好处。如:

I've done it for her benefit. 我做此事是为了她的利益。

He gave up smoking for the benefit of his health. 他戒烟是为了对健康有益。

5. have the benefit of 得益于,占……的光。如:

He had the benefit of a good education. 他得益于良好的教育。

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