摘要:用于习语:between ourselves [you and me] 仅你我知道的秘密。

I’ll phone you between lunch and three o’clock. 我将在午餐后三点钟以前给你打电话。

He felt something between laughter and anger. 他既觉得好笑,又感到气愤。


(2) 由于……和……(表示原因)。如:

Between the noise outside and lack of sleep, he couldn’t

concentrate. 由于外面的噪音加上睡眠不足,他无法专心。

注:between…and 不仅可连接两者,也可连接三者。如:

Luxemburg lies between France, Germany and Belgium. 卢森堡位于法国、德国和比利时之间。

Between cooking, writing and running the farm he was kept very busy. 他又是做饭,又是写作,还要打理农场,忙得不可开交。


(3) 用于习语:between ourselves [you and me] 仅你我知道的秘密。如:

Between ourselves, I don’t think he will live much longer. 咱们私下说说,他活不久了。

Between you and me, he’s not very reliable. 这是只有你我之间才说,他不是很可靠。



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