#time 用法大全#


1. ahead of time提前

2. all the time一直,始终

3. at a time每次,一次

4. at one time曾经;一度

5. at the same time同时;然而,不过

6. at times有时

7. behind time不及时,晚点

8. behind the times过时,跟不上时代

9. from time to time有时,间或

10. have a good / hard time过得很好 / 处境困难

11. in one's spare time在业余时间

12. in a short time不久

13. in time及时;迟早

14. keep good time走得准,准时来

15. kill time消磨时间

16. many a time时常,多次

17. on time准时

18. take one's time从容;慢慢来

19. time and time again多次,不断地

20. for the time being暂时



1. It's time for sth. 是做……的时候了。

2. It's time (for sb.) to do sth. 是(某人)该干……的时候了。

3. It's (high) time + that从句(that可以省略,从句谓语用)是某人(早)该干某事的时候了。

4. It (This / That) is the first (second, third ...) time + that从句(从句要用)。这(那)是某人第一(二、三……)次干某事。如主句谓语动词是过去时,则that从句要用。

5. by the time引导的时间。若从句用,主句要用将来完成时;若从句是一般过去时,主句要用过去完成时。

6. each time(每次),next time(下次), any time(任何时候)等词组引导的时间状语从句。

7. the first / second / third ... time 可以引导时间状语从句。



1. I'm so sorry I have been out the last three times you ______.

A. have called B. had called

C. called D. have been calling

2. John did pass the test; ______ he didn't know the subject very well.

A. in other words

B. in the same way

C. at the same time

D. more or less

3. I thought her nice and honest ______ I met her.

A. first time B. the first time

C. for the first time D. in time

4. By the time you get to San Francisco tomorrow, I ______ for Southeast Asia.

A. shall have left B. am leaving

C. will leave D. have already left

5. It's time ______ about the traffic problem downtown.

A. all to be done

B. anything will be done

C. everything is done

D. something were done

6. Remember to send me a photo of your son next time you ______ to me.

A. write B. will write

C. are writing D. would write

7. Don't try to do everything at once; take it a bit ______.

A. at one time B. by one time

C. one for each time D. at a time

8. If Father had returned on the Christmas, we would have had ______.

A. the happiest time B. a more happier time

C. much happiest time D. a much happier time

9. —Do you know our village at all?

—No, this is the first time I ______ here.

A. come B. have been C. came D. am

10. — Can I look about the rooms before I decided which room I'd like to stay in?

— Of course. ______, madam.

A. That's all right B. Take your time

C. Enjoy yourself D. It doesn't mater

Key:1-5 ACBAD 6-10 ADDBB

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