1. 两者均可用来引出,how用于修饰、或,而 what 用于修饰。如:

How difficult it is! 它是多难啊!

How well he plays the violin. 他的小提琴拉得真好!

How they cried! 他们哭得多厉害!

What a clever boy he is! 他真是个聪明的孩子!

【注】有时也说 How clever a boy he is! 但不是很常见。


2. 在询问看法时,以下两句型同义,注意搭配的动词不同:


正:How do you like the film?

正:What do you think of the film?

3. 在询问天气时,以下两类句型同义,但句型结构不同:


正:How is the weather today?

正:What is the weather like today?


4. 询问某人或事物的暂时现象通常用 how;询问某人或事物的持久特征通常用 what……like。如:

How's work these days? 近来工作情况如何?

A:What's your mother like? 你母亲是怎样一个人?

B:She is a very nice person. 她这个人非常好。


5. 询问某人的健康情况时用 how, 询问某人职业时用 what。如:

A:How is your mother? 你母亲好吗?

B:She is very well. 她很好。

A:What's your father? 你父亲是干什么的?

B:He's a doctor. 当医生的。


6. 表示“如何(说)”,用 how 和 what 均可,但搭配不同。如:


正:How do you say it in English?

正:What do you call it in English?


7. 在询问“长短”“宽窄”“高低”“多少”等意义时,以下两类句型同义,用 what 比用 what 更正式。如:


正:How old are you?

正:What's your age?


正:How wide is the river?

正:What's the width of the river?


正:How many people are there in this village?

正:What is the population of of the village?


8. 有个别情况,两者都可用,结构一样,含义一样。如:

How [What] about Friday? 星期五怎么样?

How [What] about having a rest? 休息一会儿怎么样?

How [What] do you mean? 你是什么意思?你设了圈套!