#few、little和a few的区别#

There's a big difference between “few” and “a few”. In fact they have opposite meanings.

few和a few之间区别很大,事实上,它们的意思几乎完全相反。

If you say, for example, “I have a few friends in the Ministry”, it sounds impressive.


“few” = not many;“a few” = several. “Few” and “a few” are used with countable nouns.

few就是不多的意思,a few就是有一些的意思。Few和a few都是用来形容可数的。

Ex: The Regulator has presented this standpoint on few occasions.


Ex: The Regulator has presented this standpoint on a few occasions.


“Little” and “a little” work in the same way as “few” and “a few”.

little和a little的用法和few和a few类似。

“little” = not much; “a little” = some. “Little” and “a little” are used with uncountable nouns.

little的意思是不多,a little的意思是有一些。Little和a little都是用来形容不可数名词的。

Ex: I have a little money” (a modest way of saying you're reasonably wealthy).


Ex: We hope to be able to complete the project in as little time as possible. (i.e. not much time – “as little … as possible” is a common phrase)

例4:我们希望能花最少的时间来完成这个项目(花越少…越好,“as little … as possible”这在英语中是个习惯用法)。