#such as与for example的用法区别#


such as与for example均可用于表示举例,有时可互换。如:

Some sports, such as (=for example) motor racing, can be dangerous. 有些体育运动,比如赛车,有时是很危险的。

My wife likes social activities, such as (=for example) tennis and golf. 我妻子喜爱社交活动,如打网球和高尔夫球等。


such as除表示举例外,还可表示诸如此类,意思是“像……这样的”“诸如……之类的”,此时不宜与for example互换(但可与表示诸如此类意思的like互换)。如:

Opportunities such as (=like) this did not come every day. 这样的机会不是天天都有的。

Avoid unhealthy foods such as (=like) hamburger and chips. 不要吃汉堡和薯条之类的不健康食品。

另外,such as有时可分开用,但for example不能分开用。如:

The disease attacks such animals as cats and dogs. 这种病只侵袭像猫狗一类的动物。(比较:The disease attacks animals such as cats and dogs.)


such as用于举例时,总是跟在被说明的内容之后,不能独立成句,也不能用于句首或句末,其后也不能用逗号,但for example可以。如:

Each situation is different. For example, a man with a rich wife doesn’t have to work. 情况各有不同,例如,娶了有钱妻子的男人就不必工作。

You make too many mistakes—lots of spelling mistakes, for example. 你的错误太多——比如,有好多拼法错误。

【边学边练】用such as, for example, like填空:

1. After talking about the job in general, we got down to the specifics, ________ the salary.

2. Carmakers use robots to do unpleasant jobs, ________ painting cars in hot conditions.

3. There is a real risk of injury in sports ________ climbing.

4. There are many big cities in Europe, ________, London, Paris and Rome.

5. ________, we are to have less clothes, coal and food even than we have had and less petrol than we expected.

6. I know many women who have a career and a family Alison ________.

7. Great men have risen from poverty—Lincoln and Edison, ________.

8. Many young people are taking radio courses in English. There is the boy next door, ________.

参考答案:1. such as / for example 2. such as / for example 3. such as / like 4. for example 5. For example 6. for example 7. for example 8. for example



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