#much too与too much的用法区别#


The problem is __________ difficult. You needn’t spend __________ time on it.

A. too much, much too B. much too, too much

C. too much, too much D. much too, much too

此题应选B。此题主要涉及too much和much too的区别。如:

1. much too是too的强势语,用法与too相同。如:

You are much too kind to me. 你对我实在太好了。

This one is much too big. 这个确实太大了。

This kind of computer is much too expensive. 这种电脑太贵了。

He is much too busy to see visitors. 他太忙,不能会见客人。

The coat I bought yesterday was much too large. 我昨天买的那件衣服太大了。

2. too much是much的强势语,用法与much相似。如。如:

Don’t eat too much. 别吃得太多。

There’s too much water. 水太多了。

You have given me too much. 你已经给我太多了。

Don’t drink too much wine. It is harmful to yourhealth. 不要喝太多的酒,这对你的身体有害。

3. 有时too much还用于这样的结构 be too much for, 意为“对……来说太难或太过分”、“非……力所能及”等。如:

I’m afraid the trip was too much for her. 我怕她旅途太劳累了。

His parents’ expectation was too much for him. 他父母对他的期望太高了。



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