my dormitory英语作文,宿舍生活英语作文简单。

英语作文on a harmonious dormitory
Dormitory life is an indispensable part of college life.But sometimes the harmony in the dormitory can be disturbed in one way or another.宿舍生活是高校生活的不可或缺的一。
look , i have a nice room . come and have a look . it’s small and nice . there is a big 。
i often write and draw pictures on the board . oh , my bedroom is too beautiful . i like it 。

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不要太复杂,四级水平就够啦,谢啦i live in school dormitory because my home is far from school.there is three person in my dormitory except me.each of us have a table can write homework under the bed .there。

my bedroom英语作文10字
Dormitory who is enthusiastic, in this small world, the hospitality of these brothers and sisters in front, no matter what you went into a hostel, it makes you feel at home in 。
题目:大学宿舍生活 要求: 1.写三段、 2.一段写大学宿舍生活与全新体验、 。

He is executive (or managerial) timber.

The favourite place in my house is my bedroom. My bedroom is light blue in coloured. My parents let me decide the colour of my room when they were renovating the house. 。


关于my bedroom的英语作文
和谐的宿舍生活(On a Harmonious Dormitory Life) As we know, dormitory life is part of the college life.It’s important for our study and rest.Sometimes,in our dormitory 。
One of my best neighbors is Mr. Chang, a thirty-year-old, tall and handsome, friendly and considerate man. He is a hard worker, especially so in the past when he had to make。


首先职员应自报家门,说明公司名和自己的名字,并客气地问:How may I help you?在对方说明来意,要找director of human resources(人力资源部主管)后,应首先查实主管在不在,忙不忙,可以说:Just a moment. I\’ll check to see if she is available/at her desk.(请稍等一下,我去看看她忙不忙/在不在。
)电话的另一方也应自报家门,说明这通电话的来意——calling in regards to our meeting next Tuesday(咨询有关下周二会议的事)。


Appointment 约会

myroom(转载) My face looks like a castle room, but the inside is always very chaotic,but I still like my own room. My favorite room in my reading, writing, listening to music, 。


As a sophomore, I am feeling the time flies. Recalling about the past one year, so 。
to experience the wonderful college life but when coming here, I am just eager to go back! 。

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宿舍生活得好与坏从两个方面阐述 加上标题 150字左右 急呀。

1、 Dormitory life is an indispensable part of college life. But sometimes the harmony 。
But the question is how to establish the live of harmonious dormitory.In my opinion, 。
My dormitory room is on the second floor. It is small and crowded. The dark green walls and the dirty whiteceiling make the room seem dark, and thus even smaller than it is, 。

一篇英语作文 宿舍生活的好与坏
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Our dormitory is located in the second floor of the dormitory building. I have five roommates, including me, we’re six people all in all sharing the room. And of course, all of us 。

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