Weekend plan我的周末计划英语作文+翻译


Hello, I am(自己的名字).I am going to have a busy weekend.On Saturday,I’m going to buy a new CD and some story-books.Then I’m going to read the new books at home.On Sunday,I’m going to the supermarket with my mother.We’re going after lunch.Then in the evening,I’m going to visit my aunt.What about you?What are you?What are you going to do on the weekend?Tell me,please.



Hello, my name is (Sarah). I am going to the have a busy weekend. On Saturday, I am going to take a trip. I am going by bike. On Sunday morning, I am going to go shoping. I am going to buy a new T-shirt. In the afternoon, I am going to the library. I want to read Harry Porter(<<哈里波特>>)there. In the evening, I am going to do my homework after dinner. Then, I’m going to watch TV. That will be nice.What about you?What are you going to do on the weekend?

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