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优秀英文作文选 | 在这个时代,英雄应该具备的两个品质



The two traits a hero

should possess in our age


Heroes are needed in every generation. However, it’s obvious that not everyone can be thought as a hero. In my opinion, heroes in our age should possess two traits, broad mind and bravery.

For one thing, heroes in our age should be broad-minded. Facing the cultural and political diversity, a hero should be adaptable and tolerant. Having learned foreign science and technologies, Jack Ma chose to be tolerant and made Chinese people have access to computers and Internet. Having a broad mind, a hero can follow the pace of human and help us to live a better life.

For another, heroes in our age should be brave. Only with bravery can a hero save people from difficulties or help people live a better life. During the COVID-19 pandemic, professor Zhong Nanshan and doctors and scientists from all over the country came to help. Although the virus was dangerous, they weren’t afraid. If they weren’t brave, we couldn’t live the peaceful life now.

Heroes are here in every stage of history. Looking back in the history, all the heroes are standing there, with a broad mind and a brave heart. In our age, heroes are those who need to help people come to a better new decade. (陈天铭)



Heroes are important in any era. What makes a hero in our age?

The first trait a hero should possess, in my opinion, is the boldness and bravery to fight against modern adversity and change the world. Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, a rocket-making company, is a good example. In order to significantly reduce the cost of rocket launching and in turn improve space exploration, he led the research in developing rocket recycling technique. No reference, extremely risky, a large sum of investment…He overcame all the difficulties and achieved his ambition to send the rockets into space.

The second trait should be persistence. Yuan Longping, the leading scientist in agriculture, spent years developing a new species of rice with higher productivity. The process was long and boring, but his persistence carried him through all the hardship. His contribution made a difference to China and the world.

To conclude, the bravery to drive the world ahead and the persistence in doing things are the two traits that the world calls for.(李承霏)  



Heroes are always needed in the world, and there are some traits they must possess. For our age, I believe ambition and devotion are required most for heroes.

Ambition is required by heroes of all ages. Even one who has the ability to change the world but wasn't ambitious, won't be called as a hero. Lang Ping, also known as the coach of Chinese volleyball team, was once an ambitious girl who aimed to achieve the championship in the Olympics. Pursuing the champion, she trained hard and became the central player of the Chiniese team. She eventually became the legend of the volleyball history.

Devotion is also an essential trait. Dr. Zhong Nanshan, the most well-known hero in the age of Covid-19, is the best example of devotion. As a doctor, he stood up for people in China and made the decisions to stop the spread of Covid-19, saving many lives.

Both ambition and devotion are required by heroes. As time goes, there will be different heroes but the traits will long endure.(李昊霖)



In this period, it’s necessary to have some heroes who are brave, kind or strong. They set up a model for people since they did something meaningful.

Firstly, I think it’s important to be brave. For example, Zhong Nanshan is such a brave person around us. Last year, he arrived in Wuhan to fight against COVID-2019. He was so brave that he never gave up. Under his guidance, the virus was well controlled in China. Obviously, he is a hero. Even if he is an ordinary person, he still made a great contribution to the society. So, I think he is a hero.

Secondly, I think kindness is also necessary. As we all know, Tu Youyou and her group have successfully developed a medicine for malaria. They persisted in doing experiments, although the environment was awful. Finally they succeeded in saving a lot of people. They were so extraordinary that they won the Nobel Prize. So, I think Tu Youyou is a hero because of her kindness.

All in all, there are many heroes around us. They may not be brilliant, but they are worth our admiration.(孙浩程)



Heroes are in desperate need these days, when we’re facing something terrible, like the COVID-19 pandemic. And after the one-year-long battle, I started to believe that the courage and the determination are, and will always be, the most precious treasure for the heroes of human society.

What comes first is courage, and it means to devote, or even take risks to do something right before other people are aware of its rightness. And the hero who touched my heart with actions, was Zhong Nanshan. At the early times of the pandemic, Wuhan was the most dangerous place in the whole country. But Zhong dared to support the hospitals and patients in Wuhan in person as a doctor when everyone tried to leave the city. After one month of working, his medical team finished their battle and have made Wuhan recover from the disaster.

Then comes determination, which means sticking to one’s will for a long time even in the darkest days, until one’s work comes to fruition. Chen Wei, who developed the vaccines for the disease, showed that the country and its people can achieve anything as long as they are united as one. Working during the whole period and at the end of the year, our country finally have our own vaccines to save lives, and it was a result of her team’s patience and determination.

When disaster comes, heroes always show their kindness and save the people in their emergencies. But there will be no miracles if they don’t have the inner strength to resist the evil, and the only key to their success is their strong will.(张翰东)



Every era needs a hero to support and lead the people. The hero will be people’s example and teacher.

In today’s society, I believe a hero needs to serve the people wholeheartedly, trying his or her best to help people at any time, maybe even at the risk of his or her life. Our hero Zhong NanShan, for example, leads the study and treatment when the serious pandemic spread across the country. He worked day and night to save people’s lives and stay in the dangerous areas where he might possibly get affected. People admire this kind of hero and the hero will be our spiritual supporter.

Another characteristic that heroes should have is determination. Whatever it costs and no matter how difficult it is, he or she will always keep on working and achieving the goal. For example, several scientists including Deng JiaXian and Qian XueSen, dedicated their life to making nuclear bombs in China’s dark days. They are the kind of people who develop studies and technologies and push the world ahead with their determination.

So I think the two traits a hero should possess in our age is serving the people wholeheartedly and determined for what he or she is after. (曹聿文)

优秀英文作文选 | 在这个时代,英雄应该具备的两个品质

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