my ideal job 英语作文(可复制+翻译+朗读MP3)

  1. 什么是你心目中理想的工作?说明理由。

  2. 为找到这份理想的工作,你应该如何去努力去做?

  My Ideal Job

  Different people choose different jobs for different dreams. My dream is to be a teacher. I have been dreaming of it for a long time because of the following reasons.

  Firstly, influenced by my mother who is a high school teacher, I like the academic atmosphere. In addition, I think I’m born to be a teacher because I’m patient and I like children very much. Moreover, the job is flexible both in time and working techniques, so I can develop many hobbies in my spare time.

  However, It is not easy to be a good teacher .I will make every effort to broaden my vision and enrich my experience. And I’ll try my best to improve my handwriting .I believe with all my great efforts, I will be a good teacher in the near future.