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British Royal Family


 The Role of the Royal Family王室成员的职责

Members of the Royal Family support The Queen in her many State and national duties, as well as carrying out important work in the areas of public and charitable service, and helping to strengthen national unity and stability.



Those who undertake official duties are members of The Queen's close family: her children, grandchildren and their spouses, and The Queen's cousins (the children of King George VI's brothers) and their spouses.






最新更新,安德鲁王子已经被T出皇室,详情可见 [断袖之癖]英国安德鲁王子被撸,只因与爱泼斯坦(三子夺嫡变二子),更新的图谱如下:









Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II






Elizabeth was born in London as the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York, later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and she was educated privately at home.



On 6 February 1952, King George VI died following a prolonged illness. Princess Elizabeth immediately acceded to the throne, becoming Queen Elizabeth II and taking on all of the responsibilities which came with her new title. The Queen has ruled for longer than any other Monarch in British history.



With the support by other members of the Royal Family.  The Queen carried out a full programme of engagements, from visits to charities and schools, to hosting visiting Heads of State, to leading the nation in Remembrance and celebratory events.





Members of Royal Family 

(Line of Succession)

英国王室成员 (按继承顺位排序)


Prince of Wales Charles





The Prince of Wales is the Queen's eldest son and first in line to the throne. On 29 July 1981 he married Lady Diana Spencer, who became the Princess of Wales. The couple had two sons, William and Harry. They later separated and their marriage was dissolved in 1996. On 31 August 1997, the Princess was killed in a car crash in Paris. Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles on 9 April 2005. As heir to the throne, his main duties are to support the Queen in her royal commitments.





Duke of Cambridge ,Prince William





Prince William is the eldest son of the Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales, and is second in line to the throne. The Duke was 15 years old when his mother died. He went on to study at St Andrews University, where he met his future wife, Kate Middleton. The couple were married in 2011. On his 21st birthday he was appointed a Counsellor of State - standing in for the Queen on official occasions. He and his wife had their first child, George, in July 2013 and their second, Charlotte, in 2015. He left the role in July 2017 to take on more royal duties on behalf of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.







Prince George of Cambridge





Prince George of Cambridge was born on 22 July 2013 at St Mary's hospital in London. Prince George is third in line to the throne, after his father and grandfather.




Princess Charlotte of Cambridge





The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her second child, a baby girl on 2 May 2015, again at St Mary's hospital. She is fourth in line to the throne and is known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.



Prince Louis of Cambridge





The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her third child, a baby boy weighing 8lbs 7oz, on 23 April, 2018 at St Mary's Hospital in London.

The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth of Louis Arthur Charles.

Prince Louis is fifth in line to the throne.








Prince Harry





Prince Harry was the second child of the Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales He has been a Counsellor of State since his 21st birthday, standing in for the Queen on official duties.

He married US actress Meghan Markle on 19 May at Windsor Castle.







Prince Andrew, Duke of York





Prince Andrew was the third child and second son of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. He was created the Duke of York on his marriage to Sarah Ferguson, who became Duchess of York, in 1986. They had two daughters - Beatrice, in 1988, and Eugenie, in 1990. In March 1992 it was announced the duke and duchess were to separate.



Princess Beatrice





Princess Beatrice is the elder daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York.



Princess Eugenie





Princess Eugenie is the younger daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York.






Earl of Wessex





Prince Edward is was given the title Earl of Wessex and Viscount Severn on his marriage to Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1999. The couple have two children, Lady Louise, born in 2003 and James, Viscount Severn, born in 2007. He now supports the Queen in her official duties and carries out public engagements for charities.




James, Viscount Severn





Viscount Severn is the younger child of the Earl and Countess of Wessex. The couple decided to give their children "courtesy" titles as sons or daughters of an Earl, rather than the style prince or princess. It is thought this decision was made to avoid some of the burdens of royal titles.



Lady Louise





Lady Louise Windsor is the elder child of the Earl and Countess of Wessex.






Princess Royal





The Princess Royal is the Queen's second child and only daughter. She was given the title Princess Royal in June 1987. Princess Anne has married twice; her first husband Capt Mark Phillips is the father of her two children, Peter and Zara, while her second is Vice-Adm Timothy Laurence.


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