我将从两个模块梳理Associated Press News、The New York Times等英文媒体相关报道。

1. 关于开幕式

2. 关于承办的困难因素与中国的不懈努力



An Olympic opening ceremony typically provides the host nation a chance to showcase its culture, define its place in the world, flaunt its best side. That’s something China in particular has been consumed with for decades. (奥运会开幕式通常为主办国提供一个展示文化、确定其在世界上的地位以及炫耀最好一面的机会。这是中国多年来一直在做的事情) —— Associated Press News

此处flaunt常作为负面词汇使用, 表示“卖弄”、“炫耀”, 甚至带有“ostentatiously” (铺张粉饰) 和“shamelessly” (不知羞耻) 的意味。比如: 

  • He's got a lot of money but he doesn't flaunt it. 他有很多钱, 但从不炫耀。

  • Flavio was flaunting his tan in a pair of white trunks. 弗拉维奥穿了一条白色的游泳裤, 卖弄自己晒成棕褐色的肌肤。

外媒使用“flaunt its best side”来表述, 我们显然不同意这种选词, 可以选用exhibit来替换掉, 比如: 

As it hosts the 2022 Winter Olympics, China has grasped the opportunity to exhibit its best side to the world.

我还从《纽约时报》挑选了三处摘录, 供同学们参考积累: 

Opening ceremonies are a spectacle of pomp and circumstance, an opportunity for host nations to bedazzle the world through elaborate song, dance and visual effects. (开幕式是一场盛大隆重的庆典, 主办国通过精心编排的歌舞表演和视觉效果让全世界目不暇接、陶醉其中) —— The New York Times

相较于简单的“a grand spectacle”, 同学们也可以积累摘录中对习惯用语“pomp and circumstance”的使用, 该习语多用来表述“正式庆典”或者“隆重仪式”, 来看一个例子: 

  • The Prince was welcomed with warmth, but not with all the pomp and circumstance he was used to. 王子受到了热情的欢迎, 但不是像他所习惯的那样隆重。

相较于写成“to impress the world”, 同学们可以积累此处表意更生动的bedazzle。

正如字面所体现, bedazzle和dazzle (目眩) 紧密相关, 原本表示“使眼花” (to confuse by a strong light), 继而衍生表示“深深打动”或者“使陶醉”相关含义。我列举dazzle和bedazzle相关用法示例, 供同学们参考理解表意原理: 

  • I was dazzled by the sunlight. 阳光刺得我睁不开眼。

  • I was dazzled by his charm and good looks. 我为他的魅力和堂堂相貌所倾倒。

  • She had bedazzled him with her knowledge and beauty. 她因为知识和美貌深深打动了他的心。

elaborate可用来表示“精心计划 (或制作) 的”, 比如: 

  • They're making the most elaborate preparations for the wedding. 他们正为婚礼做极为精心周到的准备。

摘录中“elaborate song, dance and visual effects”指的就是开幕式上“精心排演的歌舞表演和视觉特效”。类似的, 我还有翻到这么一处摘录: 

The carefully choreographed spectacle in Beijing will help project an image of a mature global power that can hold a successful Games on time even in a pandemic — and unbowed by Western condemnation. (精心筹措的开幕式表演将有助于树立一个成熟的全球大国形象, 即便在疫情期间也能按时举办一届成功的奥运会, 而且不会屈服于西方的谴责) —— The New York Times

choreographed原本表示“(舞蹈等) 精心编排的”, 后再拓展表示“(活动等) 精心设计的”, 相关用法示例比如: 

  • It's like a choreographed dance. Everyone knows what everyone else is doing. 这就像一个精心编排的舞蹈, 每个人都知道其他人在做什么。

  • Choreographed fitness classes are common in gyms today. 精心编排的健身课程如今在健身房很常见。

  • The president's schedule is tightly choreographed. 总统的日程紧凑, 经过精心安排。

choreographed来自choreography (n.), 后者可拆解为choreo- + -graphy, 前半部分最终来自表示“舞蹈” (dance) 的希腊词, 构词示例再比如choreodrama (舞蹈剧; = choreo- + drama); 后半部分 -graphy 最终来自表示“写, 画, 记录” (to write, record, draw) 的希腊词, 此处可宽泛理解为一种“艺术创作”。整个单词choreography字面即“编排舞蹈”, 继而表示“编舞艺术, 舞蹈设计”相关含义。

构词成分 -graphy 参与构成的单词示例众多, 往往具有结构简单、表意简明的特点, 再比如同学们熟悉的photography (摄影; = photo- "light" + -graphy)。

摘录中“carefully choreographed”可以视为一种程度上的强调, 同义的, 我还有翻到这么一处摘录: 

Hours after host China opened its first Winter Olympics with an opening ceremony that was so meticulously choreographed that … —— The New York Times

meticulous同义于常见词careful, 词义程度更强, 并且着重于细节上的一丝不苟 (very careful and with great attention to every detail)。


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