·Group 1·

1. accessibleadj. 易接近的可得到的

2. advantage n. 优势

3. artificial adj. 人造的

4. automatic adj. 自动的

5. breakthrough n. 重大进展突破

6. brilliant adj. 巧妙的使人印象深刻的技艺高的

7. click v. 点击

8. convenience n. 方便;便利

9. criterion (pl. criteria)

n. 标准准则原则

10. demand vt. &n. 要求

·Group 2·

1. digitaladj.  数字的数码的

2. downloadv.  下载

3. drawbackn.  缺点不利条件

4. electronicadj.  电子的

5. enginen. 发动机,  引擎

engineern. 工程师;技师

6. experimentn.  实验

7. explorevt.  探索

8. functionn. &v.  作用功能运转

fundamentaladj.  基本的根本的

9. guaranteevt. &n.  保证担保

10. intelligentadj.  智能的

·Group 3·

1. introducevt.  介绍

introductionn.  引进介绍

2. inventvt.  发明创造

inventionn.  发明创造

inventorn.  发明者创造者

3. materialn.  材料原料

4. mobileadj.  移动的

5. modemn.  调制解调器

6. modernadj.  现代的

7. patentn.  专利权专利证书

8. personallyadv.  就个人而言

9. potentialadj.  潜在的可能的

10. predictv.  预言预告预报

·Group 4·

1. privilegen.  特权特殊待遇

2. proceduren.  程序手续

3. processn.  过程 vt.  加工处理

4. progressn. &vi.  前进;进步进展

5. providevt.  提供

6. replacevt.  取代

7. researchn. &v.  研究调查

8. revolutionn.  革命

9. sciencen.  科学自然科学

scientificadj.  科学的

scientistn.  科学家

10. significancen. 意义重要性

·Group 5·

1. simplifyvt.  使简化使简易

2. softwaren.  软件

3. spacecraftn.  宇宙飞船

4. standardn.  标准

adj. 标准的

5. succeedvi.  成功

successn.  成功

successfuladj.  成功的有成就的

6. systemn.  体系;系统

systematicadj.  系统的有条理的

7. technicaladj.  技术的工艺的

techniquen.  技术;技巧

technologyn.  技术

8. transformv.  改造改革变换改变

9. updatevt.  更新使现代化

10. virusn.  病毒


·Group 1·

1. be used for被用来

2. benefit from……获益

3. be available可以利用的

4. be in the lead领先

5. come true实现

6. follow the fashion追随时尚

7. improve the quality of life for humans  提高人类的生活质量

8. in the field of science在科学领域

9. live a/an. . . life……的生活

10. living standard生活水平

·Group 2·

1. lead to/contribute to/result in/bring about  导致

2. negative effect负面影响

3. shop on the Internet网购

4. stand out脱颖而出

5. scientific breakthrough科学突破

6. side effects副作用

7. potential ability潜能

8. surf the Internet上网

9. with the development of. . . 随着……的发展

10. change one’s life改变某人的生活


1. Inventors have been trying to make flying cars since the 1930s. 自从20世纪30年代以来发明家一直在试图制造飞行汽车。

2. Since I’m interested in computer science very much,  I would very much like to take courses related to computers. 我对电脑科学很感兴趣因此非常想学与电脑相关的课程。

3. In a word,  if we had such a magic watch,  our life would become more convenient. 总之,  如果我们能有这么一块有魔力的手表我们的生活将变得更加方便。

4. I have long been interested in space exploration and I believe I could learn a great deal from him about it.


5. With the help of the computer,  it will be possible for humans to work at home.


6. Nowadays,  more and more students do their schoolwork with the help of kinds of APPs via the Internet. 如今越来越多的学生通过互联网借助各种应用程序完成作业。

7. No invention has received more praise and abuse than the Internet. 没有一项发明像互联网一样同时受到如此多的赞扬和批评。

8. We’ll do our best to catch up with the advanced world levels.


9. Computer technology has come a long way since the 1970s.

20世纪70年代以来,  电脑技术有了很大的发展。

10. The new technology has been more widely adopted这项新技术得到了更加广泛的应用。

11. The development of science and technology makes our life more comfortable and convenient.


12. Modern telecommunication shortens the distance between people and makes communication much easier. 现代电讯缩短了人们之间的距离,  使交流变得更加容易。

13. The journey to outer space and other planets is not a dream any more.


14. Modern medicine prolongs people’s life and relieves patient of sufferingsfrom many diseases. 现代医学延长了人们的寿命,  减轻了患者许多的疾病痛苦。

15. However,  the process of scientific development also arouses many severe problems to our human beings. 然而,  科学发展的过程也对人类产生了许多严重的问题。

16. Science and technology have changed our life thoroughly throughout the history,  especially in the last century.

科学和技术在历史上已经彻底改变了我们的生活,  特别是在上个世纪。

17. There is no doubt that we benefit a lot from the scientific advancements in many different ways.


18. Thanks to the development of science and technology,  human society has enjoyed continuous prosperity and more convenience.

多亏了科学技术的发展,  人类社会享有了不断的繁荣和更多的便利。

19. Human cloning,  which is expected to cure many serious diseases and save lives,  may bring disasters of social morality. 人类克隆有望治愈许多严重的疾病,  挽救生命也有可能会带来社会道德的灾难。

20. How to deal with the progress of science and technology properly is worth our careful consideration.









1. 描述或畅想未来人工智能的发展状况

2. 分析这种现象产生的原因

3. 陈述利弊以及表明个人态度



As we all know , the time of 5G technology is coming , it is called the fourth industrial revolution , future of computer science lies in the artificial intelligence,it is the research and artificial simulation of human thought and eventually be able to make a human like to think the same machine , for human services and to help people solve problems.

After all, people thought it was unique, there are feelings, there are a variety of character, this will be very difficult to achieve in the machine.In fact, to do the same as the human thinking machine, the only one of the artificial intelligence, is by no means all. Through the study of artificial intelligence, it can resolve all kinds of scientific problems, promote the development of other science will have a great impact on all people's lives .

I believe that the science of artificial intelligence is waiting for humanity to explore it step by step .

现在的学生除日常学习以外对手机和电脑的依赖过高。这些都不利于他们的健康成长。请你以How to grow up healthily为题写一篇短文介绍学生们该如何健康成长写作要点如下:

1. 不要过分依赖电子产品;2. 多抽出时间锻炼身体;3. 学会与他人交往。

要求:1. 词数80左右。

2. 可适当增加细节以使行文连贯。






How to grow up healthily

As we know,  cellphones and computers are common in our daily life.  However,  children nowadays depend much on them,  which does great harm to their growth.  In my opinion,  the major task for children is to learn various knowledge.  Therefore,  they should fix more attention on it and be less dependent on electronics.  Besides,  they should spare more time to take exercise.  If so,  they can have a healthy body,  which in turn contributes to their studies.  The last but not least,  children should learn to communicate with others.  They can have a heart-to-heart conversation with their parents and teachers if they have some problems hard to solve.  As they have more experience in life,  they can give children plenty of instructions.  

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