No worry和No worries用法有区别吗?


首先要肯定地说这两者的表达形式都是正确的,"No worry"通常用来表示不必担心强调的主要信息是“免去烦恼”这一意思,而"No worries"的含义更为丰富,虽然它不是一个特别正式的表达法,但无论怎么用都是暖心的,很润,带有浓浓的人情味!它可以扩展到"Don't worry about that","Sure thing","That's all right"和" No problem"之类的词句,暗含着A因在无意间冒犯了B,当他意识到之后向B致歉,此时B用"No worries"来回应,表示不介意,换句话说,“No worries”是作为缓解氛围并带有善意的一种轻松回应。现在请大家读一读下面的英文,自己来品味品味:


When you did something on accident and you appologize. But the person believe that is it really not a big deal. He/she would then reply to you "no worries" It's shortened for "Don't worry about it"


同时,我们还可以了解一下"No worries"的起源:

"No worries" is an Australian phrase that has recently become popular across the world. Saying "no worries" is similar to saying "no problem". 



There are some people who are not quite certain about whether they should use “No problem” or “No worries” as responses to “Thank you.” They are accustomed to the former standards of civility for which, “You are welcome,” which was the widely-used and proper response. Nonetheless, these days, “No problem,’ and “No worries,” mean the same thing as “You are welcome.”


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