[PDF电子书]Genetics of Livestock Improvement by J.F.Lasley

Collateral relatives are those not directly related to an individual as ancestors or progeny.Thus,they are the individual's brothers,sisters,cousins,uncles.aunts,etc.The more closely they are related to the individual in question.

Genetics of Livestock Improvement

the more valuable is the information they can supply for selection purposes.

Information on collateral relatives,if complete,gives an idea of the kinds of genes and combinations of genes the individual is likely to posess Information of this kind is now being used in Meat Hog cCertication Programs,where a barrow and a gilt from each liter may be slaughtered to obtain carcass data.This is done because otherwise the animal itselr has lo be slaughtered if information on its own carcass quality is to be obtained.


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