NSE8.3.3 NSE 9.1.1


After that ===> After the phone call

I can go swimming after work / after school.


打完我电话,我再和你说话。When I  finish the phone call, I can talk to you.


Anya fixes the design.

be + Ved

The design is fixed.


Anya is on the phone. She tells Khae "one minute." Anya talks to Khae after the phone call. "My mother and father called me at work. Then I called my brothers and sisters too. Put your laptop and phone."

Then Khae says "Here is coffee and milk." Anya says "I like milk and sugar in my coffee."

"The coffee has sugar and milk," Khae says, "Thank you."

Anya says, "You are welcome."

Anya looks at Khae's design. Then she asks, "Can you give me that pen and paper?"

Anya takes the pen and says, "Time to draw a new design."

And Khae says, "Can we fix it?"

"It's good," Anya says, "The design is fixed."

"Can I give this to Todd?" Khae asks.

Anya says, "Yes."


You are right.  你说的

You can delete your email to Todd.


NSE 9.1.1

Khae says, "I wanna go out this weekend. Do you want to have breakfast with me on Saturday morning? "

Anya says, "Can I tell you later this afternoon?"

Khae says, "It's a new restaurant."

Anya asks, "What's its name?"

Khae says, "The name is happy food."

Anya asks, "Are they open for lunch and dinner?"

Khae says, "You can call the restaurant tonight."

Anya says, "Is the food good?"

Khae says, "It looks good. Does it look good to you?"

Anya says, "Yes, it does."

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