trip ,travel, journey的区别是什么?

welcome back to

today another confusing set of words trip travel and journey

but it’s easy

travel is a verb

I like to travel

did you travel far

to travel



it’s a verb

a trip is a noun

it can be a verb

but if you’re thinking travel

trip is a noun and a trip is a short journey

when you go out

of town

when you go 30 minutes away

even if you go to another country

but not for

a very long time

that’s a trip

we usually take trips on vacation


people travel by car

some people travel by plane when they go on their trips

a journey is a long vacation or a long trip

sometimes we journey by ship or  we take a journey through India

to discover all the amazing things in India

one day I hope to take a journey through Russia and Finland and Sweden

and Norway

that would be really nice

so remember for a verb

you want to say travel

for a short vacation or a short journey

we can say trip

but for some adventure for a long period

maybe for less money or not a lot of money

or maybe for some hard times

we can say journey

check out this very common


do you like to travel ?

not really,I prefer short trips

so you’ve never been overseas?

never, I haven’t even seen the ocean

that conversation was me

up until I was 18 years old I had never seen the ocean

but now I’ve seen three oceans

I’ve seen the Atlantic Ocean the

Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean

I’m from Wisconsin and actually a lot of

people in Wisconsin and a lot of people

in America have never seen the ocean

have you seen the ocean?

which oceans have you seen ?

Have you ever been on a journey?

if so,  where to and for how long

and how did you travel did you travel ?

by foot?

did you travel by bus by train?

tell us

and what was the last trip you went on ?

was it a business trip?

was it a trip with your family?

was it a trip to Disneyland?

let us know down below

that’s this expression and I’ll see you again tomorrow



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