NSE 32.2.1

Annie's article:

Last Wednesday, My teacher recommended me a movie which is called “Bicentennial man”. Last Saturday ,I watched it. When I turned on the App of Aiqiyi, I found it appeared was produced on in 1999. I thought the movie is too old to watch. Luckily, I insisted in watching until the end of the movie. The leading actor was a Robot that is called Andrew. At the beginning of the movie, The host of the family bought Andrew from Northan company. Then it came to the family. There were four members in that family including Father, mother, older sister and younger sister. Andrew can do different kinds of things, for example, doing homework, fixing machine, cooking foods and so on. Everyone thought Andrew is was just a robot.

After a period of time, they changed this opinion due to a thing. One day, they went to a beach. Andrew broke younger sister’s toy carelessly unintentionally. The toy was a horse shape made in glass. Younger sister felt very sad because it was her most favorite toy. Andrew felt nervous and when they went back to home, he used his artificial intelligence to make a horse in wood. Finally, younger sister forgave him and felt happy with her new toy. After that the host father thought Andrew was special, he took Andrew went to the company in order to make sure it was a special robot or an common ordinary one. Upon conversion, he make made sure that Andrew was unique so he taught Andrew how to created special live his own life like a human.

After that, Andrew grew up like a human. He lived by himself until the host die. He went travelling around the world in order to find the special robot like him even though he didn’t find anyone. Luckily, he found an important man, son of the man who produce Andrew. He told Andrew if he want to own feeling, he had to install organ on his body. Through decades, he back to the host horse. He saw a girl like younger sister, but actually that girl is younger sister‘s granddaughter. Due to decades passed, everyone got older. Later, younger sister went die. Andrew accompanied her granddaughter long time. During the time, they fell in love but


evolve 演进

NSE 32.2.1

Poor Khae.

My stomach really aches.

Please don't stand too close to me.

You don't have to go that far away.

Might be a while.

I can't wait that long.

Looks like you might have to.

I started to feel sick.

I can't stay here all day waiting.

I can't live my whole life with a criminal.

What are we going to do?

I definitely am.

I can't stay for a few more minutes.

We're sick. So it's important we all stay calm.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish. 求知若饥虚心若愚

Rima seems to be handling it well.

Why are we all sick?

You might scare someone.

I can't find another bathroom.

Oh no. It's happening here.

I hope I can make it to the bathroom in time!

Which one of us is going to help Todd?

1. How many bathrooms do you think a company should have?

2. If an employee gets sick, do you think he should go back home?

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