familiar 表示“熟悉的,亲近的,或随便的(表示不满)之意。”

1.familiar 作“熟悉的”用时,可与with/ to 连用。

be familiar with sth 某人对某事物熟悉

sth be familiar to sb 指某事物为某人所熟悉


Most people are familiar with this figure from Wagner's opera.


His voice on the phone sounded familiar to me. 他在电话上的声音我听起来很熟悉。


2.表示“友好的”时,familiar通常与 with 连用


He's familiar with us. (=He's on familiar terms with us). 他与我们关系很友好。

She greeted them by their first names in a familiar way. 她与他们打招呼时亲切地直呼其名。

3.表示“过分亲密的”“随便的”,也常与 with 连用。如:

The man makes himself [=is] too familiar with my wife. 这个人对我妻子太随便(太放肆)。