#in that 作为连词的用法#

in that是一种固定搭配,其意为“因为”,与for the reason that, because 同义,可用于引导原因。如:

I’m in a slightly awkward position in that he’s not arriving until the 10th. 我的处境有点尴尬,因为他要到10号才来。

Most of them are not in reality engineers, in that the work they do is mostly clerical. 他们中的大多数人实际上都不是工程师,因为他们做的主要是办公室工作。

I am an optimist in that I believe that human beings do not always perversely try to make life worse for themselves. 我是乐天派的人,因为我认为人类并非总是违反常情地力图使自己的生活变差。



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