下面句子节选自The Economist关于欧洲海外援助的文章Foreign-aid champion Europe is giving more than ever



Many countries count money spent on refugees who arrive in their territory as part of their foreign-aid budget. Sheltering refugees in Europe, however noble and necessary, does little for the countries they come from




Sheltering refugees in Europe, however noble and necessary…这里however意思不是“然而,但是”,而是相当于no matter how(无论如何,不管怎样),比如:However hungry I am, I never seem to be able to finish off a whole pizza. 无论有多饿,我似乎都吃不下一整个薄饼。



从这一句中我们可以提取出一个句式:Doing...however XX, does little for…(某事无论看起来有多么……也对……没有多少帮助)。比如一味帮助孩子避免挫折,无论这种行为有多么合理,它也对孩子未来的成长没有多少帮助。我们可以说:


Sheltering children from all kinds of obstacles in the name of love, however justifiable, does little for their future success in school and in life.




下面句子来自The Economist关于哥伦比亚教育的文章Blocking the schoolhouse door




Learning has always been difficult for Samuel Duván Rodríguez, a seven-year-old with a neuro-developmental disorder. It has become tougher still since his school in Bogotá, Colombia’s capital, closed because of covid-19. His mother says he uses her phone to log in to his teacher’s lessons. But he seems to take in little. It doesn’t help that he has to share the device with his ten-year-old brother.




最后一句出现了一个句式:It doesn’t help that… 这是英语里面一个固定句式,其中it是形式主语,指代that...这一部分的内容。该句式用来对前面提到的情况进行递进,意思相当于"What makes the situation worse is that…" 比如上文提到塞缪尔·杜万·罗德里格兹用母亲的手机上网课效果不好,而雪上加霜的一点是,他还需要和他哥哥共用一个手机。




Many new graduates find it difficult to land an ideal job for lack of job-related skills. It doesn't help that an increasing number of firms are laying off workers due to the current economic downturn.




下面句子来自The Economist关于亚马逊的一篇文章Amazon’s department-store plans are less surprising than they appear



Making Amazonmarts appeal to shoppers may be harder than Amazon anticipates. It reportedly wants them to sell its cheap private-label garments and gadgets, which is at odds with its aspirations for the stores to offer high-end fashion, where it has struggled online.




最后一句…where it has struggled online是where引导的定语从句,where在这里相当于in which,即:it has struggled online in which (= high-end fashion).


第一句可以学习一个句式:Doing…may be harder than XX anticipates,意思是“做……可能比XX预想的要难”,这一句式在考场作文中有很广泛的用途,比如在健康话题中我们可以说:


Maintaining a healthy weight may be harder than many anticipate, not least because more and more people are having a sedentary lifestyle.




Reducing congestion in the city may be harder than government officials anticipate for the simple reason that the number of private cars has been rising in recent years.




下面句子来自The Economist关于疫情的文章Return to school has caused a surge in covid-19 cases in under-vaccinated counties



With appropriate precautions in the classroom and high levels of community vaccination, the beginning of the new term need not have been so scary. Our findings add to the growing consensus that in-person schooling doesn’t have to be accompanied by growing covid-19 cases.




从第二句中我们可以学习一个在议论文中很好用的表达:XX adds to the growing consensus that…(XX印证了一个不断增涨的共识,即……)。在使用该句式时我们可以先陈述一个科学发现,然后进一步说明该发现印证了一个不断增涨的共识。比如在家庭教育话题中可以说:


Surveys have found that family engagement in early education is crucial to children's future success. This finding adds to the growing consensus that parents should spend more quality time with their children and build good parent-child relationships.



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