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Amazon Turns the Page on 

Its Chinese Kindle Bookstore


Amazon’s decision to phase out Kindle in China has sparked an outpouring of sadness among Chinese netizens, as yet another American technology company pulls back from China’s market. Amazon has stopped supplying its e-reader devices to Chinese distributors and plans to shut down its Chinese Kindle ebook store in June 2023, the company announced Thursday.


  • phase out 逐步淘汰;逐步放弃;If something is phased out, people gradually stop using it. 举个例子:They phased out my job in favor of a computer.他们逐步用一台计算机淘汰了我的工作岗位

  • pull back from 退出;退却;If someone pulls back from an action, they decide not to do it or continue with it, because it could have bad consequences. 举个例子:They will plead with him to pull back from confrontation.他们将请求他退出冲突。


  • 其实本段的phase out,pull back from,stop supplying,shut down想表达的意思都差不多,就是停止Kindle在中国运营。


  • distributor /dɪ'strɪbjʊtə/ 经销商;配销商;分销商;A distributor is a company that supplies goods to shops or other businesses. 比如说:Japan's largest software distributor 日本最大的软件分销公司 

The firm did not give a reason for its retreat from the Chinese ebook market, but stressed that it was not the result of government pressure or censorship. “As a global business, we periodically evaluate our offerings and make adjustments, wherever we operate,” Amazon said in a statement.


The move is just the latest in a string of pullbacks by U.S. tech companies from China, with Airbnb, LinkedIn, and Yahoo all announcing closures of part or all of their Chinese operations over the past year. Amazon is still active in a number of sectors in China, including advertising and cloud services, Axios reported.


The demise of Kindle has upset many Chinese netizens, who expressed concern about seeing another foreign platform exit the Chinese market.


  • demise〔曾经存在的某物的〕终止,结束,消亡:the end of something that used to exist,比如说:the imminent demise (=happening soon) of the local newspaper地方报纸的即将停刊

  • upset这里用作动词,表示使心烦意乱;使生气;使心情不好;If something upsets you, it makes you feel worried or unhappy. 举个例子:The whole incident had upset me and my fiancee terribly.整个事件搞得我和未婚妻都心烦意乱。

Kindle entered China in 2013 and quickly emerged as a dominant player in the country’s ebook market. Millions of Kindle devices were sold in China between 2013 and 2018, with annual ebook sales on the Chinese Kindle store rising tenfold over that period to 700,000, domestic media reported.


  • dominant /'dɒmɪnənt/占支配或统治地位的;占优势的;显著的;Someone or something that is dominant is more powerful, successful, influential, or noticeable than other people or things. 举个例子:She was a dominant figure in the French film industry.她在法国电影界是个举足轻重的人物。

  • tenfold 十倍(的): ten times as much or as many of something,比如说:•Business has increased tenfold in the past two years.在过去的两年里,业务扩展了十倍。


  • 【词根词缀】xx-fold,与数字连用构成副词表示“…倍”;比如说:By the late eighties their number had grown fourfold.到 80 年代末的时候,他们的数量已是原来的 4 倍。

  • 此外也可以与数字连用构成形容词also combines with numbers to form adjectives,比如说:One survey revealed a threefold increase in breast cancer.一项调查显示乳腺癌的发病率已是原来的 3 倍。

The rise of Kindle played a key role in driving the development of China’s ebook market, as Amazon partnered with traditional Chinese publishing giants including Zhongxin and Commercial Press on digitization projects.


It also found creative ways to market Kindle to Chinese consumers. At one point, the firm playfully suggested the e-reader could double up as a cover for cooking instant noodles. Some users responded by installing five-minute timers on their devices as a joke.


But Kindle’s popularity didn’t always translate into strong revenues. Wang Yifei, a language teacher based in the eastern city of Hangzhou, told Sixth Tone she had downloaded dozens of pirated novels and manga onto her Kindle, but had only ever spent 1.2 yuan ($0.18) on the Kindle store.

但Kindle的受欢迎程度并不总是转化为强劲的收入。杭州的一名语言教师王一菲告诉Sixth Tone,她已经在Kindle上下载了几十部盗版小说和漫画,但在Kindle商店只花了1.2元(0.18美元)。

  • translate (sth) (into sth) · (使)转变,变为:· to change sth, or to be changed, into a different form,举个例子:It's time to translate words into action. 是把言语化为行动的时候了。I hope all the hard work will translate into profits. 我希望所有的辛勤劳动都会有回报。 

Analysts, however, said that piracy was only part of the reason why Kindle struggled. Although China grew to become Kindle’s largest market in 2016, the company subsequently lost market share as domestic tech companies launched rival products.


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