NSE 15.3.3 Part two

I want to _____ _____ grandmothers, but I have to cook.
That’s okay.
Do you know _____ ___the ingredients?
No, I don’t.
Oh no.
_______  _____ ____ ____?
Every week I _____  ___ ____ ____ new ingredients.
And then ____  ____ ___ ____?
Every Sunday night I make a recipe with one new ingredient.
Can I eat your food _____ _____ ______?
Yes, you can, but you have to help me clean the plates and cups on Mondays.
I work ____ Mondays so I can’t help clean.
What is the recipe for ______?
My grandmother’s chicken soup.
Do you eat chicken soup?
I _____ eat chicken soup.
You never eat chicken soup?
It’s good!
It is.
Sometimes I eat chicken soup __ __ ______.
I love chicken soup.
I eat it _____ _____.
I _____ ____ ___taste my chicken soup _______ ____ ____ ___.
Yes, please!
_______ ___ _____ the new ingredient to the soup.
______ ____ _____.
I _____ ___ ___ ____ the right ingredient.
This is __________.
I think it’s the right one.
Who wants to_____ ___ ____?
I do!
I do!
I want to taste it!
Ladies first.
How is it?
It’s good!
It’s so good she can’t talk.
How is it?
Can I taste it?
What is it?
Help me!
I need a drink!
How was it?
I never want your chicken soup again!
I’m sorry, Sofi but it was disgusting.
I don’t want to taste it.
Yeah, I’m okay.
No soup for me.
What was the ingredient?


talk about

all of

What can you do

make a list of

what do you do

every Sunday night




at a restaurant

every week

want you to

every time I make it

Time to add

It smells great

want this to be


taste it first