NSE 16.2.2

Do you feel sick?
I feel sick .
Are you tired?
Yes, I’m tired.
Are you hot and then cold?
I’m hot one minute and then cold the next minute.
Were you sick yesterday?
Yesterday afternoon I was good, but last night I was bad.
Now I feel really sick.
Were you near anyone who was sick?
He was sick yesterday.
Do you share anything with him?
We share a cup!
You feel ill because you and Diego drink from the same cup.
He is why you are sick.
You’re right.
I’m not a doctor, but I think you have a cold.
I think I have the flu.
You don’t have the flu.
When you have the flu you can’t get out of bed.

I don't go to work.

I don't need to work.

Look at you!

Were you near anyone who was sick?

You were near someone who was sick.

Do you like anyone who is rich?

Did you share anything