NSE6.3.2 + NSE6.3.3

Benny says "Can we find girlfriends with grey hair?"

Can I find an acting job with grey hair?

I have the right product.

I've got the right product.

What have you got?

Have you got more?

Here it is.给你

Can we find acting jobs with grey hair?

with <----->without

I can't live without money.

I can't live without air.

I can't live without you.

He can't live without liquor. 白酒

I want to go there with you.

I can't go there without you.

gun 枪

Americans can't live without guns.

Can we color it?

dye my hair 给我染头发

die 死亡

I have to go.

I've got to go.

What've you got?

What do you have?

secret 秘密

I've got your secrets.

"Less is more. "


Can we wash our hair now?

We can wash our hair in one hour.


next one 下一个

Do you want something to eat?

Can we order food?

You could order food.

Can you...

Could you...

Can you give me a menu?

Here it is.

To be continued.

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