NSE 7.1.2, NSE 7.1.3, NSE7.2.1

It's dark.

I can't see anything.


Do you have a sweater?

Do you have a sweater on? 穿

When you feel cold, what do you do?

I have more clothes on. 我多穿衣服。

I do more exercise.

I do sports. 做(体育)运动。

Here it is.

Do you have a blanket?

NSE 7.1.3

I don't read English well.

慢慢地跑 adv. 副词

可爱的熊猫 adj. 形容词

I can run fast.  fast是副词

Birds fly fast.

What does "single" mean?

What does it mean?

What do you mean?

You and I are not married.

I don't understand this word.

I don't understand this sentence. 句子

"Trousers" are "pants".


Los Angeles

train/ treɪn /

For what? 为什么

For work trip. 为了出差。

What are you doing? 你在做什么?

What do you do? 你是干什么的?

I take a bus to the airport.

I have a car in Los Angeles to drive to meetings.

You need a hat in Los Angeles.

You are right. 你说得对。

Give me my laptop, please.

To be continued.

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