NSE7.2.3 & NSE 7.3.1

I drop the cup.

The cup drops.

I fall down.

The cup falls down.

raindrop 雨滴

town / tn /

Khae speaks Thai.

Anya speaks Hindi. 印度话

Marco speaks Italian.

They all speak English.

Then they hear Todd comes.

hear 听到

listen to  听/ ˈlɪs(ə)n /

Listen to the song. 听歌

What language do you speak in India?

I speak Hindi.

I speak Chinese.

Does Khae speak Thai?

Yes, she does.

as easy as ABC

English is easy.

English is as easy as ABC.

Driving is as easy as ABC.

Swimming is as easy as ABC.

It is as easy as ABC.

There's one language in Italy.

Is there one language in Italy?

We speak Italian.

We all speak English.

Todd's shoes

NSE 7.3.1

Sophie is late for work.

The boss tells Sophie "Close the door!"

Then she asks "What time is it?"

"Ten past ten" Sophie says.

The boss says"Put down your bag and come here."

And she says "Put down the apple. Give me that. Listen to me. Give Sophie a new menu."


Firstly, then, and then, after that


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