2023.2.28 NSE 29.2.1

I'm going to give you a call more often.

You can dial my number 2,you know.

I have to hang up now.

Was that an intertnational phone call on the company phone line?

Is that a typo?

Let me clarify, then.

When you dialed the number, did you start with the international code?

My daughter is selling them for school.

It means that the speaker's daughter is involved in a fundraising activity for her school where she is selling cookies to raise money. This is a common practice in many schools where students sell various items to raise funds for school programs, activities, and events. The speaker is informing someone that their daughter is selling cookies as part of this fundraising effort.

How many do I need to buy to keep you quiet?

Six boxes, we can make a deal.

Here is all the money I have.

How can I call her if I don't have long distance on my cell phone?

Is there anything I can help you with, Rima?

Please come to my office for a quick check.

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