Twitter users say 'yes' to Musk's proposal to sell 10% of his Tesla stock


By Aishwarya Nair and Hyunjoo Jin

Aishwarya Nair、Hyunjoo Jin 报道

1 Nov 7 (Reuters) - Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) CEO Elon Musk should sell about 10% of his Tesla stock, according to 57.9% of people who voted on his Twitter poll asking users of the social media network whether he should offload the stake.

11月7日(路透社) - 特斯拉首席执行官埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)在推特上发起投票,就是否出售其拥有的特斯拉股票的10%征求网友意见,结果有57.9%的网友表示支持出售。

2 "I was prepared to accept either outcome," Musk said, after the voting ended.


3 The world's richest person tweeted on Saturday that he would offload 10% of his stock if users approved the proposal. Musk has previously said he would have to exercise a large number of stock options in the next three months, which would create a big tax bill. Selling some of his stock could free up funds to pay the taxes.


4 As of June 30, Musk's shareholding in Tesla came to about 170.5 million shares and selling 10% would amount to close to $21 billion based on Friday's closing, according to Reuters calculations. The poll garnered more than 3.5 million votes.

根据本社的计算,截至6月30日,马斯克持有的特斯拉股份约为1.705亿股,按美东时间周五收盘时特斯拉的股价计算,马斯克如果真的卖出其持有的10%的特斯拉股票,其套现金额将接近210亿美元。该项投票吸引了超过 350 万人参与。

5 "Much is made lately of unrealized gains being a means of tax avoidance, so I propose selling 10% of my Tesla stock," Musk said on Saturday, adding that he does not take cash salary or bonus "from anywhere", and only has stock.


6 U.S. Senate Democrats have unveiled a proposal to tax billionaires' stocks and other tradeable assets to help finance President Joe Biden's social spending agenda and fill a loophole that has allowed them to defer capital gains taxes indefinitely. Musk has criticized the proposal saying, "Eventually, they run out of other people’s money and then they come for you." Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden, who floated the tax proposal, said on Saturday: "Whether or not the world’s wealthiest man pays any taxes at all shouldn’t depend on the results of a Twitter poll." "It’s time for the Billionaires Income Tax."

美国参议院民主党人公布了一项针对亿万富翁股票和其他可交易资产征税的提案,以期为拜登总统的社会支出议程提供资金,并填补允许超级富豪无限期推迟缴纳资本利得税的漏洞。马斯克批评了该项提案,他表示:“最终,他们把其他人的钱花光了,然后就来找你了”。提出该项征税提案的美国参议院财政委员会主席罗恩·怀登(Ron Wyden)周六表示,“世界首富到底该不该缴税不应由推特投票决定。”“现在到了征收超级富豪所得税的时候了。”

7 Including stock options, Musk owns a 23% stake in Tesla, the world's most valuable car company whose market value recently exceeded $1 trillion. He also owns other valuable companies including SpaceX. His brother Kimbal Musk on Friday sold 88,500 Tesla shares, becoming the latest board member to offload a large number of Tesla stocks which hit record highs.

马斯克拥有包括股票期权在内的特斯拉23%的股份,特斯拉是全球最具价值的汽车公司,近期其市值突破了1万亿美元。他还拥有SpaceX等其它高价值的公司。他的弟弟金巴尔·马斯克(Kimbal Musk)在周五卖出了88,500股特斯拉股票,成为最近一位在特斯拉股价创下新高后减持大量股票的董事会成员。

8 A week ago, Musk said on Twitter that he would sell $6 billion in Tesla stock and donate it to the United Nations' World Food Program (WFP), provided the organization disclosed more information about how it spent its money.


9 Tesla bull Gary Black, portfolio manager at The Future Fund, said that Musk's potential stock sale would lead to "1-2 days of modest selling pressure," but said there would be solid institutional demand to snap up the shares at a discount.

看涨特斯拉的未来基金(The Future Fund)投资组合经理加里 布莱克(Gary Black)表示,马斯克潜在的售股行动将导致“1-2天的适度抛售压力”,但他表示,将有很多机构以折扣价抢购这些股票。

📒Collins dictionary: 

On the stock market, bulls are people who buy shares in expectation of a price rise, in order to make a profit by selling the shares again after a short time.




10 Musk has said he does not want to borrow against stock to pay taxes because stock value could go down.


11 He has an option to buy 22.86 million shares at $6.24 each, which expires on Aug. 13 next year, according to a Tesla filing. The option exercise could lead to gains of roughly $28 billion based on Tesla's Friday closing price of $1,222.09.


12 In September, Musk said he is likely to pay taxes of over half the gains he would make from exercising options. Last year, he said he has been relocated from California to Texas which should lead to a cut to the total tax bill because Texas has no income tax, experts say.


13 "(It) seems crazy to borrow that much to pay taxes, so I have to assume he'd need to liquidate a substantial amount of the shares purchased from the option exercise to pay taxes," said Bryan Springmeyer, an attorney at San Francisco-based law firm Springmeyer Law.

旧金山斯普林迈耶律师事务所(Springmeyer Law)的律师布莱恩·斯普林迈耶(Bryan Springmeyer)表示:“若要借这么多钱来纳税似乎很疯狂,所以我不得不假设他需要抛售从期权行使中购买的大量股票才能纳税。”

14 Reporting by Aishwarya Nair and Vishal Vivek in Bengaluru and Hyunjoo Jin in San Francisco; Editing by Daniel Wallis and Chizu Nomiyama

Aishwarya Nair、Vishal Vivek(班加罗尔);Hyunjoo Jin(旧金山)报道;编辑:Daniel Wallis、Chizu Nomiyama

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