Crackdown on the tutoring sector forces an education giant to take an unexpected turn.



Crackdown: 把crack 和down这两个词放在一起,就变成了名词crackdown, 意思是打击,镇压。比如:

The police crackdown on speeders achieved its purpose. 警察对违章超速驾驶者的制裁实现了它的目的。

近义词比如:suppression, check


He said the security forces would continue to crack down hard on the protestors. 他说安全部队将继续严厉镇压抗议者。


Tutoring sector家教行业


  • Sector是国家整个经济活动的一部分,包括第一、二、三产业,每个产业涉及到不同的经济活动,比如Telecommunication, Hospitality ,tourism, Mass media, Healthcare hospitals, Public health, Pharmacy,所以这里的tutoring sector就很具体。另外一种分类方式则是private sector和public sector,主要看这些经济活动由国家还是个人主导控制。

  • Field指与某一特定工作直接或间接相关的职业或工作类型,比如educational, medical, communication, sales etc. ,这里就可以替换成educational field。


Yu Minhong, CEO of New Oriental Education and Technology Group, said Sunday the company will set up an online marketplace for agriculture products to make up for losses from the closure of its tutoring services. Yu said he will join hundreds of New Oriental teachers to help farmers in rural areas sell local specialties via livestreams.



Farmers在英文语境中更类似于“农场主”:a person who owns or manages a farm 农场主;农人

笔者记得有次审校一篇文章,中文大概是“某人是农民家的孩子,出身贫寒”,译员在翻译时用了“farmer”,母语审校看到“farmer”之后,结果把后半句的“poor”改成了”from a middle-class family”,就是因为在人家的认知里,farmer应该是属于the middle class...


In a livestreamed broadcast on video platform Douyin, Yu announced the company will shut 1,500 branches across the country. In September, domestic media reported the company was considering closing its tutoring service targeting primary and middle school students, as well as laying off some 40,000 employees by the end of the year.





  • Branch,也可以写成“branch office”,基本上就是本公司在其他地点开设同类型业务的分店,所以经常会加上地点:

Our New York branch is dealing with the matter. 我们的纽约分部正在处理这件事。

  • Subsidiary则是子公司,当开设subsidiary的时候,公司在建立一项新的业务。subsidiary也被认为是一个独立的法律实体。

WM Financial Services is a subsidiary of Washington Mutual. 华盛顿互惠银行金融服务公司是华盛顿互惠银行的子公司。


Primary and middle school students,来复习一下中小学的几种表达方式:

public school (主要指美国)公办中小学

elementary and junior high school (AmE)中小学

primary and secondary school (BrE)中小学

middle school (通用)初中



Lay off裁员。还有哪些词可以表示“裁员”呢?

  • job cut  The latest round of job cuts will only exacerbate this problem.而最近的一轮裁员使这个问题进一步恶化。

  • reduce staff   Eastman Kodak, which continues to operate under Chapter 11 of the U.S. bankruptcy code, this morning said it expects to reduce staff by about 1, 000 more people by the end of 2012. 

  • fire   Marcegaglia Group, a family-owned steel company, has been the only one in the industry in Italy not to fire a large portion of its staff, says Ms Marcegaglia.同样也是由家族经营的玛切嘎利亚钢铁集团,声称其是意大利同行业中,唯一一家没有进行大规模裁员的公司。

  • downsize   There is evidence that firms believe they are behaving rationally whenever they downsize; yet recent research has shown that the actual economic effects of downsizing are often negative for firms. 有证据表明,企业认为,无论何时裁员,他们的行为都是理性的;然而最近的研究表明,裁员对企业的实际经济影响往往是负面的。

  • redundancy/make sb. redundant   Thousands of bank employees are facing redundancy as their employers cut costs. 数千名银行职员面临裁员,因为他们的雇主要削减成本。

  • decruitment   Shortages are met by recruitment and the surplus by decruitment. (人员)短缺通过招聘来解决,过剩通过裁员来解决。



Half a dozen industry insiders told Sixth Tone they supported New Oriental’s decision to pivot to agriculture as a mechanism to keep the company afloat. They added the company could capitalize on the draw of some of its teachers who had become so-called influencers through their online lessons.

六名业内人士告诉Sixth Tone,对于新东方决定转向依靠农业维持公司运转的决定,他们表示支持。他们还说,旗下部分老师通过在线课程成了网红,这部分老师的影响力也可以为公司所用。


Pivot to:从……转向……pivot表“中心”“枢轴”的用法比较常见

West Africa was the pivot of the cocoa trade. 西非是可可豆贸易的中心。 

The pivot on which the old system turned had disappeared. 维系旧制度的支柱已经消失了。 

而作动词时,“pivot to”就可以转译成“转向,转投于”

These recession-proof sectors help people pivot to new careers, cut costs at home, or simply escape from all the bad news. 它们或帮人们求职,或帮人们节约成本,或干脆帮人们逃避负面新闻。



比较常见的含义是“浮在水面上”,但用在公司企业时,指having enough money to pay debts; able to survive 有偿债能力;能维持下去

The state whaling company is kept afloat with cheap loans and subsidies. 国有捕鲸公司的存在也仰赖于低息贷款和补贴。

Chronically understaffed and under-funded, your team struggles to stay afloat. 由于一直都短缺人手并且资金不足,你的团队拼命努力才能勉强支撑。


Influencer, 来看一下维基对网红的定义:

An internet celebrity, blogebrity, cyberstar, or online celebrity is someone who has become famous by means of the Internet. Internet allows people to reach a narrow audience across the world and so become famous within one or more Internet communities.

这里就可以看到internet celebrity,blogebrity,cyberstar, online celebrity四种替换表达了~

同时外媒文章也经常用web celebrity web sensation来表达“网红”:

Lawyer Rod Ponton on becoming an "internet sensation" following a filter mishap during a court case.律师罗德·庞顿讲述了他在一个法庭案件中因过滤器故障而成为“网络红人”的故事。



Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that involves endorsements and product placements from influencers. 网红营销是一种社交媒体营销,涉及到网红的代言和产品植入。


According to two former New Oriental teachers who taught English, the company mainly recruited individuals they considered presentable and engaging. One teacher, surnamed Mai, claimed some former tutors had turned to livestreaming platforms such as Douyin to make a living, only to gain popularity and make millions of yuan annually.



Make a living:谋生

同近义替换表达有earn a living/earn one's bread/earn one's keep/ make the pot boil/scrape a living


People can living, relax, and survive through horticulture"人们借助园艺谋生,借助园艺放松,借助园艺生存

或者直接说…is one’s livelihood

Painting is her livelihood.画画是她谋生的职业。


Popularity: 人气,在这里我们可以积累一下关于“人气”的英文搭配。


Reaching new peaks of popularity in North America is Iceberg Water which is harvested from icebergs off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.来自加拿大纽芬兰海岸的冰山水在北美再创人气新高。


For the past five years though, the popularity of ballroom dancing has soared thanks to a reality TV show. 然而在过去的五年里,多亏一档电视真人秀节目,交际舞的人气一路飙升。


Her popularity has been on the wane for some time.她的人气一段时间以来江河日下。


This guest star used to be famous and popular, but now she's just a has-been. 这位客串明星过去很有名很受欢迎,但现在她只是昨日黄花。



“New Oriental has always penetrated the market downward — it went from a language school helping only elite groups to pass language exams and study abroad to becoming a tutoring giant targeting all Chinese kids striving for better academic performance,” Mai said. “Once they gain enough popularity and trust among the rural population, why don’t they sell farmers some professional training courses or English courses on Douyin livestreams?”



Academic performance学习成绩



Based on this, the study grouped the ZEP schools into five groups, each needing different interventions to improve student performance.根据研究结果,研究活动把所有教育优先区学校分成5组,每一组需要不同的措施来提高学生的学习成绩。



In many countries, this has translated into a noticeable improvement in student achievement.许多国家因此看到学生的学习成绩显著提高。


之前的推送中翻译思路拆解:北京市妇女联合会(上),我们提到了record还记得吗?Academic record。


或者从学生的角度,用get good marks/get good grades/perform well/do well:

I forgot all about the ring. Which just goes to show that getting good grades in school doesn't mean you're clever.我完全忘了戒指的事情。这证明在校取得好成绩并不意味着你就聪明。

I am confident that I will perform well in the mid-term examination. 我有信心在期中考试中能取得好成绩。

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