NCE1 99-100 ppt课件

LUCY: What's the matter, Andy?
ANDY: I slipped and fell downstairs.
LUCY: Have you hurt yourself?
ANDY: Yes, I have.
I think that I've hurt my back.
LUCY: Try and stand up.
Can you stand up? Here.
Let me help you.
ANDY: I'm sorry, Lucy.
I'm afraid that
I can't get up.
LUCY: I think that the doctor had better see you.
I'll phone Dr. Carter.
LUCY: The doctor says that he will come at once.
I'm sure that you need an X-ray, Andy.




1.让我帮助你 2.背部

3.站立    4.立即

5.下楼 6.摔下楼

7.X-光透视 8.执照

9.牙疼 10.维修汽车

二、从下面A、B、C三个选项中选出正确的答案, 并把正确的字母编号写在括号里。

(    )1. I’d like to        the word in French.

  1. say B. speak C. tell

(    )2. A strong wind will arrive in Harbin. It will        much rain.

  1. bring B. take C. carry

(    )3. It s        a beautiful stamp.

  1. quite B. too C. very

(    )4. He doesn t know      English because he has studied it for only __________ weeks.

  1. much; a few B. little; few C. few; little

(    )5. It s about         walk from my home.

  1. ten minute B. ten minutes C. ten minute s

(    )6. —Is this your sock ?

—Yes,  it is. But where is         ?

  1. the others B. the other one    C. others

(    )7. The radio is too noisy. Would you please        a little?

  1. turn it off B. turn it down     C. stop it from D. pick it up

(    )8. The woman had to do the farm work herself,       

  1. did she      B. didn’t she  C. had she

(    )9. He has        for about twelve years.

  1. bought the house B. left here C. lived here

(    )10. I’d like some water, but he wants       .

  1. two bottle orange            B. two bottles of orange C. two bottle oranges

(    ) 11. Mike is learning        a computer.

  1. how can he use               B. how to use C. how he use

(    )12. You are just        for the game. Please come and join us.

  1. in time      B. on time      C. at times

(    )13. Who will teach        English next term?

  1. ourselves        B. us           C. our

(    )14. Everything is        lighter on the moon than on the earth.

  1. so               B. more         C. much

(    )15. —        do you go to see your parents?

—Once a week.

  1. How often        B. How long     C. How soon


Almost everyone in the world uses oil in some way. Cars, buses, planes and many trains and ships also need oil. Even our bicycles need oil. Indeed the whole world would stop if there was no oil.
Today there is a growing need for oil in the world. So people are looking for it everywhere. They look for oil in deserts, in the mountains and under the sea. Quite often they find nothing, but the search for oil always goes on. What are the largest oil producers in the world? The U.S, the U.S.S.R.,and countries of the Middle East. But China is catching up fast. Before liberation we used to buy nearly all our oil from the U.S. Many foreign people said China was "oil-poor". But since liberation oil has been found in many parts of the country. Today everyone agrees that China is rich in oil. Our oil will not only meet the great need in our country, but also be sold to other countries.

  • 1. We can ____ without any oil.
  1. run a bus or a ship B. run planes or trains C. run no machines
  • "a growing need for oil" probably means ____.
  1. oil is growing more and more B. today people need more oil than before
  2. people need less oil now
  • Oil can be found ____.
  1. under the ground B. under the sea C. ABC
  • 4. ____ was once said to be poor in oil.
  1. U.S. B. U.S.S.R C. China
  • 5People search for oil everywhere, ____.
  1. and oil can be found easily B. but oil is very difficult to findC. but can find nothing


1、Everyone , that, is , good, knows, he , a student

  • Work , hard , on , this , depends , how , you
  • I, got, right , are , think
  • I, that , hurt , think , I ‘ve, my , back
  • Anything , in , I,said , what, wrong , there, is





  1. The fish slipped out of my hand.
  2. His wife stood at back of him.

5.You must have money back..