NCE2 第2课 ppt课件


stay in bed        look out        have breakfast

arrive             think          repeat        ring

  • I’m sorry, I caught a cold and I ________________all day.
  • He ________________he was the wisest boy on earth.
  • He often ________________at seven o’clock in the morning.
  • Please read these sentences slowly, and I ________________them after you.
  • All of a sudden, the phone started to ________________.
  • The plane ________________a quarter ago.
  • He ________________of the window and saw it was raining.


  1. “What’s that terrible noise?”

“The neighbors _______ for a party.(1997,全国高考卷)

[A] have prepared                   [B] are preparing

[C] prepare                         [D] will prepare

[D] saw

  1. I’ve won a 7-day holiday for two to Thailand and I____my mum. (2001,北京高考卷)

[A] have taken                            [B] am taking

[C] take      [D] will be taking

  1. _______ lovely weather we are having these days!

[A] How    [B] How an

[C] What                             [D] What an

  1. —What would you do if it ________ tomorrow?

—We have to carry it on, since we’ve got everything ready. (2005,全国高考卷)

[A] rain                         [B] rains

[C] will rain [D] is raining


  1. Since we are social beings, the quality of our lives ________________ (depend) on our relationships.
  2. ________ you ________ (do) anything special tonight?
  3. ________________ (how careful) the students are listening!
  4. I am very busy at the moment. I ________________ (type) the term paper.
  5. She ________________ (practice) on the piano for half an hour a day.


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