NCE2 第1课 ppt课件




go to the theatre        enjoy                    bear

turn round             pay (…) attention      get (…) angry


  1. How can you ________________ this awful noise?
  2. I really ________________ that concert.
  3. Would you like to ________________ tonight?
  4. Local people ________________ very ________________ about the plans to close another hospital.
  5. ________________and let me look at your back.
  6. How many times do I have to ask you to ________________?

Complete the sentences by translating the Chinese into English.


  1. 每个圣诞节,孩子们都排练一场有意思的戏剧。

The children always perform ________________ every Christmas.

  1. 为了弄个好座位,我早早地来到了剧院。

I got to the theatre early ________________.

  1. 他记了些笔记供自己私人使用。

He made some notes for his ________________.

  1. 我和谁出去不关你的事情。

It’s________________who I go out with.

  1. 站在汤姆身后的女孩是谁?

Who’s the girl standing ________________?



  1. —What do you think of the movie?

—It’s fantastic. The only pity is that I______the beginning of it. (2009,浙江高考卷)

[A] missed

[B] had missed

[C] miss                      [D] would miss

  1. I love to go to the seaside in summer. It______good to lie in the sun or swim in the cool sea.

[A] does                             [B]feels

[C]gets                              [D]makes

  1. It was difficult to get a word in. Everyone _______ so excitedly about the play. (2008,四川高考卷)

[A] would talk                      [B] was talking

[C] talked                     [D] had talked

  1. The oranges taste_______.

[A] good     [B] well          [C]to be good    [D]to be well

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