NSE 16.1.3

I can give you my card.
Thank you, Shen.
I can give you __ ________ _______.
I need an agent!
_____ ___?
I don’t need an agent, but I want an agent.
An agent can help me find _____ ____.
You can find me an acting job!
Do you want to act on TV or in movies?
I want to act on TV and in movies.
Do you want to be my agent?
Are you _____ ______ _______?
I want to take acting classes.
You need to take acting classes.
A good acting class can help you be a good actor.
I like you, Shen.
I can see you in the movies…
or at a restaurant…
or in an office.
I have an agent.


a second card

You do

acting jobs

taking acting classes