NSE 5.2

body exam

ads / ædz / on TV

There are many ads on TV.


purple 紫色

There are many colors.

twelve / twelv / 12

twelve o'clock

at twelve o'clock

at noon

What do we need to order?

order food

pepper / ˈpepər /椒

green pepper

red pepper

paper / ˈpeɪpər / 纸张

two boxes of these

Do we have eggs from last Friday?

seven cases

case / keɪs /

three cases of eggs
lettuce/ ˈletɪs /
The lettuce is black. Not green.
fresh 新鲜的
disgusting/ dɪsˈɡʌstɪŋ /恶心的
How many bags of lettuce?
That's it. 就这样。
/ ðæts /

Can you give me the order?
Here it is. 给你
When is the delivery? 什么时候到货。
                      / dɪˈlɪvəri /

That's fine. 好吧

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