①fit 与suit可指衣服“合适”或“适合”的意思。fit 指大小、尺寸合体,suit指颜色,花样或款式适合。

如:The coat fits me well. 这件上衣我穿着很合身。

The colour of the cloth suits a woman at my wife's age. 这布的颜色适合我妻子年龄的妇女穿。


如:The People's Great Hall and the Historical Museum match the Tian An Men beautifully. 人民大会堂和历史博物馆与天安门陪衬得极为优美。

1. I can't go that far .Long plane trips don't ___ me.

A. agree with B. agree to

C. fit for D. match with

2. He knows a lot about film .No one in our class can ___ him in that knowledge.

A. catch B. suit

C. compare D. match


3. The shirt is two sizes ___ for me. Would you please show me another one?

A. larger B. too large

C. more large D. very large

解:B习惯用语问题。说明:英语中,表示“(衣帽等)太大或太小因而不合适”,须用 too large/small for sb. “对某人大几号为”“sizes too large for sb.”