世界上哪里的年轻人对未来最乐观?| 纽约时报



Where Are Young People Most Optimistic? 
In Poorer Nations

世界上哪里的年轻人对未来最乐观?| 纽约时报


Will the next generation do better than the one that came before? To young people in wealthier nations, that dream of upward mobility seems more like a story about the past than modern-day reality, according to a large new survey taken in 21 countries.



In poorer countries, though, there is still hope that young people’s lives will be better than those of their parents, and that the world is becoming a better place.



世界上哪里的年轻人对未来最乐观?| 纽约时报


“In a lot of the developing world, there is a bit more optimism that yes, with each generation our living standards are improving,” said Laurence Chandy, director of the office of global insight and policy at UNICEF, which conducted the survey with Gallup. “But there’s a recognition in the West that’s stopped happening.”



In the United States, 56 percent of young people and 64 percent of older people said that children today would be worse off, economically, than their parents — a view that comports with the economic realities for many in recent years.



The survey was of 21,000 people in two age groups — 15 to 24, and 40 and up — and included nationally representative samples from all regions of the world. The younger group said that children today were better off in basic ways, like education, health care and physical safety. In the median country, 57 percent of them said the world was becoming a better place with each generation, compared with 39 percent of older people.



  • 本段语言知识点积累

worse off 本义是指更穷的;if you are worse off, you have less money,比如说:•The rent increases will leave us worse off.租金的提高会使我们更拮据。•I don't think we're any worse off than a lot of other people.我认为我们不比其他许多人穷。
现在还可以引申表示“〔形势〕更糟的:”in a worse situation,比如说:•People in rural areas are even worse off, as they have no regular bus service.住在郊区的人情况更糟,因为他们享受不到班车服务。
它的反义短语为better off,下文也出现了,表示有较多钱的; 比较宽裕的having more money than someone else or than you had before,比如说:•She'll be about £50 a week better off.她一个星期将会多大约 50 英镑。
也可以表示更好的;happier, improved, more successful etc,比如说:•I think she's better off without him.我觉得没有他她会更好。
【常见短语搭配】be better off doing sth ( = used to give advice or an opinion )最好做某事,举个例子:•He'd be better off starting with something simpler.他最好从比较简单的事做起。



“Young people these days have access to information and new technologies that other generations haven’t even come close to having,” said Victor Paganotto Carvalho Freitas, 24, from São Paulo, Brazil. “With the advent of the internet, it is possible to learn different skills from within your bedroom.”



  • With the advent of 重大事件、发明或情况的出现,问世,到来;The advent of an important event, invention, or situation is the fact of it starting or coming into existence. 举个例子:the leap forward in communication made possible by the advent of the mobile phone.手机的问世带来了通讯业的迅猛发展


But young people also have significant concerns. In the surveys, about nine in 10 said they sometimes or often have anxiety. Six in 10 said children today have more pressure from adults to succeed than their parents did. Seven in 10 say the actions of their parents’ generation have contributed to climate change.



In the six richest countries in the survey, about one-third of young people said they thought today’s children would be economically better off than their parents. They were particularly pessimistic in Japan, France, Britain and Spain. 



In low-income countries, though, about two-thirds of young people said they thought today’s children would do better financially than their parents, especially in Africa and South Asia. They were also more likely than those in high- or middle-income countries to say the world was becoming a better place with each generation



“In low- and middle-income countries,” he said, “it’s seen as: ‘What’s my ticket to doing better? I don’t have many tickets. I don’t have a family with wealth, my social capital is really limited. So my ticket is going to be education if I have anything at all.’”



 “We do not get to choose our families or social status, but that has never been a hindrance for anyone to succeed,” said Lorraine Nduta, 21, from Nairobi, Kenya. “In fact, I think when you have less, it fuels you to seek more. The power to change any situation lies with us — hard work, consistency and discipline.”


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